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Shelby Kennedy Foundation

The Shelby Kennedy Foundation is a non-profit ministry dedicated to reaching children and youth with the truth of God’s Word, encouraging them to genuine spiritual growth so that they may be effective ambassadors for Jesus Christ to the next generation.

Building the Kingdom of God and the local church by equipping men and their families to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ministering to the physical needs of impoverished people throughout the world to gain the right to minister to their spiritual needs.

Passing a mantle of America’s Christian heritage from one generation to another, thereby preserving a Godly legacy and Christ-honoring standard given to us by our Founding Fathers.

This organization is focused on rebuilding the impoverished nation of Haiti and spreading the Gospel to the inhabitants.

Equipping medical labs in mission hospitals and clinics in developing countries.

At I-TEC, our focus is on enabling indi-genous churches to overcome the tech-nological and educational hurdles that stand in the way of their independence.

Our purpose is to identify, recruit, train, equip, and lead mission-minded Christians to go to the mission fields of the world to see, firsthand, the needs of others and to create a burden to meet those needs.