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Our Story

After leaving Haiti at the end of 1997 we weren’t sure what the Lord had in mind for our family. With much prayer and talking with Christian men who we deeply respected, we found ourselves headed to Texas to see if God would touch our hearts in Mexico.

It only took us one trip to fall in love with yet another people.

In January of 1998, we built a house for a precious little lady and her family, then by the end of the month ‘Only a Servant Ministries, Inc.’ was formed.

Our Mission in Mexico

We have built homes as a family in several border cities of Mexico. Then in 1999 we started working predominately in the Nava area with a local pastor who we saw has a deep love for the people of Mexico. Today we are still working with Pastor Santos who preaches in several churches, one which the Lord built through O.S.M. in May of 2000. In the past, we have built quite a few home, close to 100 now, but since some of our older children are no longer working with uus, we have begun to do more self-help projects with the people of the church.

Our son Kenny does agriculture work with Pastor Santos. He hopes to develop some property that belongs to O.S.M. into a self-help farm for men of the colonia.

Our daughter Sara works with several ladies in Colonia making modest clothing for girls and young women, then she brings them home and sells them.

Pastor Santos and his wife Fini both work closely with these projects so that they can have input into the lives of the men and women who work with us. We have hosted classes teaching jelly making skills and helped other families get small businesses going.