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April 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,
April was a wonderful month, filled with travel, family & friends, God’s answered prayers and praising Jesus for His life and resurrection. This is our reason to share His love with others. He has given us hope, Life, and promise of eternity with Him! Hallelujah! What a Savior!
Lussade and a team of men were safely able to go to the school this month. Their first trip they took 100 chickens to give away along with food and supplies. The second trip out they took goats and feed. It was a great month to give away goats and chickens to families in need. Edgard was able to share the gospel and give away Bibles in the area. He stays busy witnessing to many people daily. We praise God for his desire to lead people to Christ and to encourage those who already know and walk with Him. Lussade and the teachers continue to work with the school children, making sure they receive a meal each day, hearing the Word and teaching their classes. There are 140 children who attend the school. If many of these children grow up to love and serve Christ with their lives, they will have a big impact on the Brunette community, which is steeped in voodoo and satanic traditions.
Numerous people and their families received animals, which are always fun to give away. The Haitian people know well how to care for their animals. They are always happy for the gifts they receive, which is a blessing to them. The soccer uniforms are there for the boys to have a team. The boys love playing soccer so they are excited about this! We are seeking a PE coach for the school who will also help coach teams. We are very grateful to those of you who have helped with this project!
Pastor Santos continues to hand out Bibles and minister in the colonias in his area. I am enjoying hearing from him on a regular basis again. He is committed to love and care for the people God brings into his path. He and Sister Fini are helping with a youth camp, sharing the gospel of Christ with troubled teens. They both are spending time loving on these young people and helping to answer some very difficult life questions. The tragedies and problems the drug cartels have put the Mexican people through is hard for anyone, especially preteens and teens who have lost loved ones to these dark and violent criminals. Thank you to those who have helped with the cost of the truck for Pastor Santos and Fini. We have done a few repairs and upgrades and it is now ready to be delivered to him. If you would like to help with the cost of the truck, please designate your gift for that need.
Being a part of each of these ministries, helping to keep them supplied with Bibles, food and animals for needy families is a privilege for us. Part of this includes transportation, fuel and vehicle upkeep, which is a big expense. Thank you for seeing these parts of Haiti and Mexico as places you want to help physically and spiritually. We could not do this without you! May the Lord pour out His peace and blessings over you and your families!
In His Love,