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March 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,
As spring is now here, we look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are filled with gratitude for His love and mercy, and His life poured out for us!
In January we introduced Edgard who is evangelizing and having follow up discipleship for new converts. He just received cases of Bibles that we shipped to him last month. He gives them to people as he shares the gospel. Giving a Bible to someone or a family who does not have one is very rewarding. Edgard and his wife Evelyn, have been evangelizing for years. They have ongoing contact with those who come to Christ, by phone and in person. One young man, Joseph, went through the 9th grade in school and now lives with his 3 brothers. Edgard shared with him, and he decided to follow Jesus. Another young man, Jean, who prayed to receive Christ, works as a house security guard. He has a son and hopes to marry the mother of his son and finish school. We praise the Lord for opening hearts and making them ready to hear the gospel. Partnering with Edgar and Evelyn in sharing the gospel wherever they are is very exciting to us. They both enjoy evangelizing and leading new Believers in a deeper walk with Christ. Having Bibles to share is a great addition to their ministry. Thank you for helping make this possible for them!
The gangs are now much closer to Lussade’s home, in a beautiful area called Petionville. Sadly, as he begins his trip to Mirebalais, he now has more gang areas to travel through. He was not able to get food to the school until late March because of how often the gangs had roads blocked. One of our missionary friends there used helicopters to deliver supplies and food to avoid encounters with the gangs on the roads. Despite the road blocks and danger of driving, finally Lussade, Richecarde, Kaloulou. Pastor Petty and Edgard were able to go. With our prayer team praying God’s protection over them, they were able to get the food and other supplies delivered safely. Edgard spent time sharing Christ with those the Lord brought in his path that day. The teachers and school children are doing well. Though their lives are difficult, the children are happy and look healthy from the meal a day they receive at school, totaling over 2,800 meals a month. We praise God for His faithful provision and thank you for your love and support which allows these needs to be met for the children.
We are still looking for a soccer coach for the children to have organized games after school. They all enjoy playing anytime they have an opportunity. Please pray for: a soccer coach, the needs of the agriculture program, the school children, teachers and families of that area.
Though there are wars and rumors of wars around the world today, Haiti continues to be a very difficult place in which to live and operate. Everywhere that there are deep problems, we know that the gospel of Christ is the answer for every concern of man. It is our desire that Jesus is lifted up before each of these precious children. Thank you for helping us share His love and goodness in their lives every day!
Pastor Santos is one of the best Shepherds of his flock that we have ever known. He is always pouring into the lives of the children and families. Recently we discovered his need for a truck, as he ministers to the local children on the Ranch of Faith. We found and purchased a 2014 F-150, in excellent condition. After putting new tires, windshield and other cosmetic repairs, the cost is $10,000. If you would like to help with the purchase of this truck, please designate your gift accordingly.
In talking to Pastor Santos, we realized his and Lety’s need for Bibles. So, we had cases of Spanish Bibles delivered to them. A “read the Bible in a year” schedule is included in every Bible given away. They have been busy sharing the gospel and Bibles. Pastor Santos shared that one man, Juan, sells candy on the square in Nava. His son is a drug addict. He is excited to now have a Bible so he can read the Word to his son, in hopes that he too will become a Christian. Also, Pastor Santos is having a Bible Study and prayer time for people who have lost loved ones, either killed or kidnapped by the drug cartel in Mexico. For many years now, we sadly understand that almost everyone was affected by the loss of a family member. The grief of loss and many times not knowing what happened to a loved one is very deep and common situation there. Please pray for Pastor Santos, his wife, Sister Fini, Lety and the people they are reaching with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The pictures of the little boy below and right is Christopher Montoya. Pastor Santos shared the gospel and gave him a Bible and prayed with him. Before he prayed he asked Christopher what he needed. He replied that he was hungry. After praying together, he took Christopher to a restaurant and allowed him to eat all he wanted. Praise God of His awesome love and provision!
We are so grateful to those of you who pray for and support OSM. It is our desire to share as much as we can with you about what has happened over the past month, so you too can see what we see and feel for these precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Haiti and Mexico.
In His Amazing Love,