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February 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,
This month we want to share a long overdue update on what is happening in Mexico. Some of the ministries that OSM started and helped support there are still happening on a regular basis. We praise God for His faithful provision through you, so these have been able to carry on by our dear Mexican Brothers & Sisters in Christ.
Many of you remember Pastor Santos and his wife, Sister Fini. We are blessed that OSM still sends funds to support the ongoing work they have there to the boys and girls in the colonia (community) our family worked in for many years. They have a large church outside of the colonia now and continue to reach out to the families in the local communities of Nava.
Sister Lety has continued to minister to the girls in the colonia through the Dorcas House Ministry. She has girls come to learn to sew and do crafts while she builds relationships. God continues to use the Dorcas House as a beacon of light sharing the gospel of Jesus in that colonia.
Lastly, we praise God that He has provided for OSM to continue sending money for a young man who we met when he was just a boy. Jesús is physically impaired, in a wheelchair, and has never been able to walk or care for himself at all. He had seizures and his parents could not afford to buy the medications that would stop them. He is a grown man now, but still requires full time care and assistance. OSM has covered this monthly expense for him since he was a small boy. We praise God that we are able to be a part of sharing His love in this way!
February in Haiti was difficult. The roads have been blocked with much violence between Lussade’s home and the school. There was a slight break in the danger level at one point, so Lussade took a small group out to deliver food and teacher’s pay. On their way back home, they had a major breakdown. With rough roads being the problem, the lower ball joint was ripped out of the lower control arm. Usually here in the states that means you call AAA and get hauled to a garage. Since that is not an option there, they sat on the side of the road for hours, until they could locate a welder. He came and welded it all back together enough so they could get home that night. Though it was late, and you don’t want to be traveling roads in Haiti at night, they eventually arrived home safely. We are grateful for those of you on our prayer team who lifted this group up in prayer and for God’s presence and protection over them!
The school and the children continue to do well. The meals they receive have helped the children become healthier. They are learning well, and the teachers are sharing God’s Word on a regular basis. Because many of these families have come out of voodoo, it is our desire that these children grow up accustomed to looking to Christ for the answers in their lives. This is how we hope and pray God uses the school and teachers to help encourage them in a Christian life.
Woodsaiedmie has continued to grow stronger. She is receiving physical therapy now and we understand she needs another surgery or two. We ask you to continue to pray for her healing.
Praying God’s peace and protection over each of you and your families. More and more we must decide where we stand with our Christian understanding and trusting God with our lives and families. Only in Christ can we have hope and a promised future to spend eternity with Him. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support for OSM and our family as we endeavor to share His love with many needy people in Mexico and Haiti.
Love In Christ,