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December 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
This year we have much to be thankful for to our Heavenly Father in our lives and in OSM. We thank God that He has made a way for us to approach and have a relationship with Him, it is through Jesus Christ, even though we do not and cannot deserve this amazing Gift!
In March, God brought Kenny and his family to the states. Now, after much prayer, they have made the decision to stay. We are very happy to have them, along with our son Micah and his family, as neighbors! This gives us 4 grandsons, ages 4 and under, who visit us often. Debbi and I are blessed immensely to have these little ones so close by! Grandchildren have been delightful highlights in our lives!
In November, we took the school children’s gift bags to MFI so they could receive them by Christmas. Praise the Lord they arrived in Haiti on time! Lussade received the bags and was able to distribute them to the children at their Christmas party on Dec. 22nd. This was a very big celebration, complete with the children performing a Christmas Pageant and singing for their parents. Even with 10 new students added after the gift bags were sent, everyone received a bag! As He did with the loaves and fishes, Jesus can multiply so that everyone receives His love! Thank you for your kind love which made all this possible!
Some of you have met Pastor Marc. Many of you remember that we have helped support him and his school for years. This month, he stepped into the loving arms of Jesus and Shelby was there to welcome him. He was 75 and had battled cancer for a few years. He led a very difficult life, ministering in a gang infested area that we could no longer even go to. His surroundings were so poor that it was hard to visit him and his school without being deeply impacted. Yet he and his family and the school children were always very welcoming and joyful! He served his whole life so that others could meet and know his Savior! We look forward to seeing him in Heaven again one day and we imagine his mansion will be big and everyone will be welcome!
We would not be honest if we didn’t share that this year has had its challenges. Yet we have come to know and love our teachers, the school children, and their families. We had a wonderful visit with Lussade and some of his family in September. We have had many wonderful text conversations with many of our prayer partners and prayed for some of their needs as well. These relationships are just a few of the blessings and gifts that our awesome Father has poured out over us this year.
Pastor Santos and Sister Fini send their love. They are very grateful for the financial support which OSM continues to send monthly. This helps enable them to minister to the boys and girls in the colonia, where we worked alongside them for many years. Sister Lety continues to minister to the girls in the colonia while making crafts and sewing projects. She and Sister Maria are blessed by your continued support as well. They always express their deep appreciation. It’s wonderful that OSM can be a funnel for your love and support which goes to these in God’s army of Believers in Mexico!
Thank you for your faithful love and support for OSM. You are an encouragement to us to stay the course of what God has given us to do on this earth. Though we are not “qualified or worthy” to serve Him, He loves us more than we can imagine, as He does each of you! May you know and feel His love each day of 2022!
Because Of Christ,