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July 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
Some of you may have heard the news of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise being assassinated. Several missionaries who knew him, say he was an exceptionally fine Christian man. He was the son of a banana plantation owner and had never encountered the evil forces he had to face when he became president and moved into Port-au-Prince. His home was a few houses down the same street from where Kenny’s home in Haiti is located. Kenny’s landlord, who lives next door, said it was like the 2010 earthquake was happening all over again. Thankfully, Kenny and Laissa are still here, in Texas, with their boys.
A few days before the assassination, another less known tragic event happened. Two American missionaries, both fathers with young families, were killed in a small plane that crashed into the side of a mountain. The pilot and 5 passengers on board the plane were all killed. They were flying to Jacmel, their home, because the roads in Haiti are so dangerous to drive. We were deeply saddened to learn this heartbreaking news for these 2 families. However, we know these men are with Jesus Christ in Heaven now.
July brought a celebration at the school in Mirebalais. For the year end ceremony, each of the children were given a small gift along with final report cards. The children performed a skit and sang songs for their parents. They all dressed up in their best clothes. What a wonderful day this was for them, with a special meal prepared for all who attended. The service took place in the new building which has been a huge blessing for the school, it gives the children much needed space. The children and their families are incredibly happy for God’s provision of education. Thank you all for making this happen and to those who paid for the new building!
The ag project’s garden for the school has now been planted. It was a lot of work to prepare the land. We paid a man to plow the ground for the children to begin planting and enjoying a summer garden. Pastor Cosou travels to the school each day to share the gospel and teach agriculture to some of the students. Growing a garden is a great way to see God’s provision for them and to learn an extremely helpful life skill.
We have already begun planning for the coming school year, which will begin on September 6th. Lussade has purchased additional material for school uniforms to be made. Along with some items which cannot be bought in Haiti, we will be purchasing more backpacks and school supplies to send down. If you would like to help us with the purchase, shipping, and customs for these stocked backpacks, please send $15
/backpack. This would be a great help in assisting these precious children with items they will need for school. Thank you!
With the continued violence in Haiti, Kenny and Laissa are still praying about when or if they will return. We understand, with 2 young boys and the difficulty of deciding whether to get into a car just to drive to the grocery store, these situations cause much stress each day. Please pray for them and the decisions they face for their future. We, along with them, are grateful to each of you for your faithful support, encouragement, love and prayers!
You and your families are in our prayers as well. Thank you all for the love you show these dear children and their families so they can hear the gospel of Jesus, and learn to turn to Him and trust Him to provide for their many needs. Our merciful Father has given us the most important Gift of all time and we want to share Him with them. Jesus is the hope for the people of Haiti and all people! May He pour out His peace and protection over you and your families.
Because Of Christ,