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June 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
The beginning of June was great at the school in Mirebalais. Lussade, Pastor Petty and Lussade’s son, Richecarde(Rich card), went out to deliver food and materials for the school. Richecarde has taken on being OSM’s photographer when he can go out. He is in college to become an engineer, but often goes to the school when Lussade goes. Many of the pictures we have used over the past 12 months, have been thanks to him and we are grateful for his help!
Though the school is still going well, this past week has been more difficult to get to there. Haiti is going through a lot right now. We do not want to sugarcoat the kidnappings, the rioting, the general chaos that is happening daily. Please keep this beloved country in your prayers. Despite all the negativity with your support, OSM is still able to share the Gospel message, and distribute food. This provides added safety for children while in school and medical care for those in need.
Many people have asked with so many missionaries and government aid given to Haiti, why do things continue to be so bad there? Our simple answer is, although there are many wonderful Christian people in Haiti, the island as a whole has dedicated their island to Satan and many people embrace the voodoo religion. In our opinion, this is the biggest cause for the problems in Haiti. We pray as more and more people come to Christ the chains of superstition and backwards religions will be broken!
This is also the reason sharing the love of Jesus Christ is so important. The children learning of the love of Jesus at an early age is life changing. We never know at what point a child will decide to follow Jesus, which is why we desire to minister as we do. These children will face difficulties and challenges throughout their lives that we cannot imagine. Having a relationship with Christ does not guarantee that to change, but it does give them a Savior to turn to at anytime and anyplace.
The roadblocks have held up getting the garden planted. As soon as they are able to get back out to the school, the land has been prepared to plant. Bertheson and Pastor Cossou have all the needed supplies to plant and care for the garden with the older children. Also, boxes of supplies have been sent for a week of Bible School to begin the summer programs. We look forward to sharing more with you on these in the summer newsletters!
Along with the children hearing the gospel of Christ, we are working on building relationships with their parents and families, also. They have planned a school closing program for the beginning of July and families are invited to see the children promoted to the next grade. OSM is providing little gifts for each child as a congratulations for finishing. Pastor Petty, the teachers, Lussade and Richecarde plan to be there as well. They will have a special meal for everyone. Besides showing the love of Christ, we pray this also shows how important it is to invest into the lives of these children. With your help we can continue to feed these precious ones physically and spiritually this summer! Thank you!
Because Of Christ,