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April 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
We praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow! After years of paperwork, going to appointments and petitioning our government for a visa for Laissa, Kenny and his family are finally in the U.S. together! Many members of our family were excited to meet them in Florida when they arrived. They were able to fly out just in time to attend a family gathering celebrating my (Debbi’s) Mom’s 90th birthday along with many relatives. It was a wonderful outdoor gathering and a great way to see many at once! So many of us have been praying together for this for many years so this was indeed a time of rejoicing for us all! After celebrating in FL we each headed back to our homes, with Kenny’s family driving to Texas.
The drive alone was a big event for Laissa and Trey, who had to sit in a car seat for the first time. Hours on roads at 70 mph and more, with no roadblocks or people walking on streets, and traffic lights that work, were all new for Laissa. While getting settled into their home in Texas, they have enjoyed going to stores without fear of gangs and violence between their home and the stores. They have enjoyed walking up and down our street with the children and not worrying of Trey or Asher being kidnapped. Trey has enjoyed playing in a large yard with his cousins, Landon, Morgan and many others who come to visit. Ken and I have been happy for Kenny to have the stress and burden removed of trying to figure out if it’s safe enough to go anywhere. We all thank the Lord for His goodness in our lives!
While we are enjoying having Kenny’s family in Texas for a period, Lussade and Pastor Petty have continued to take small Haitian groups with them to the school near Mirebalais. Because the school is remote and away from “problem areas” they are doing very well. With the Lord’s help, our teachers are happy and doing a great job with the children. The children and their parents are happy with their progress in learning Christian character and academically. The church and its leaders are also happy with how the school is operating. The children continue to receive a meal each school day, which is extremely helpful for them and their families.
One of their trips to the school, Lussade and Kaloulou took materials for the roof of the new kindergarten building. The walls are up and stucco is on. The boss, man in charge of building, is ready to add a roof. Once the roof is on, they will be close to moving in. This will be wonderful for the children to have the extra room, since the existing building is very crowded. We are excited to see the building completed and full of kindergarteners!
This has been a special month, full of God’s blessings with family and the ministry of OSM. We are grateful for each of you! Each day we learn of more difficulties among you, our partners in ministry. We pray the Lord’s encouragement and healing over those of you who are suffering. We ask for His peace and protection over your homes and families. May you see His goodness and feel His love over you!
Because Of Christ,