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March 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
What an awesome Savior we serve, He is full of grace and mercy. This month He has poured out His protection and blessed our family tremendously. Laissa has her visa, Kenny was able to get Asher’s passport and their family plans to arrive in Florida on MFI (Missionary Flight’s International) the end of this month. Debbi and I, along with some other members of our family will be there to greet them!
With this exciting news of finally receiving the visa, Kenny has a lot of projects to “nail down”. The addition for the kindergarteners at the school is coming along slower than we had hoped, because getting supplies out was slowed by dangerous road conditions. So, he wants to make sure that project will be completed. He got busy making more desks for the classrooms. The workers are finishing the walls of the classroom and all is going very well. Teachers and children along with us, are extremely excited for this to be completed! Praise the Lord for His provision!
One of our longtime supporters and close friends in Christ, Ralph Wilson went Home to be with the Lord the end of February. Ten days later, his beautiful wife, Sue, who had been his lifelong partner (64 years), mother of their children and helper 30 years on the mission field in Honduras, joined him in Heaven. Ralph had taken care of Sue as her health declined. We met Ralph when we began working in Mexico back in 1998. He came with us a few times to help, since we did not know Spanish. We loved watching him in action. He had a laid-back way of befriending the Mexican people, because he spoke to them in such a caring way. Each month, Ralph would write to us about our newsletters, how much they meant to him and relay stories of his life. Having learned much from him, we look forward to more time together with him and Sue in Heaven!
OSM was blessed to send 2 Christian men to take an agriculture class at the "Love A Child" compound this month. This will not only impact them and their future careers in agriculture, but we hope that one or both may help train and/or mentor some of the older students at our school. If not there, certainly in the area they live in. The class needed people who were not only interested in agriculture in Haiti, but also had completed their education. We have desired to have a teacher from our school or someone from that area to teach agriculture. One of these young men, Cossou, is an assistant pastor and he lives in the mountains, near our school. Bertheson is Laissa’s cousin and he has studied agriculture as a career. Please pray for these men as they endeavor to increase their knowledge and experience through education, and hopefully share their passion with others.
Debbi and I will be going to Florida to meet Kenny at MFI in Ft. Pierce and to celebrate Debbi’s Mom’s 90th birthday. Kenny and his family are incredibly happy to be able to join us for this event. We try to the best of our ability to plan everything around monthly newsletters, however, this one may be a few days late because of timing. We will provide pictures of their arrival in the April newsletter.
We are so grateful for your faithful love, correspondence, prayers and support for OSM. As you lift us up in prayer, we do so for you, our friends and family, Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Each of you have your own plates full of difficulties and life concerns, and we know that. May you always look to our Faithful One to hold you up during times such as these. Thank you for all you do to encourage us in our small corner of this world, as we minister the love of Christ in Haiti. He is worth it all!
Because Of Christ,