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February 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
To God be the glory great things He has done! We praise Him for His love and protection over our family. With many challenges and difficulties in Haiti and Texas in February, we were blessed abundantly!
On January 27, Kenny and Laissa welcomed their second son, Asher Dan Kennedy, into their home and family. We praise God for a healthy birth by c-section. Asher surprised his family by arriving a few weeks early and weighed 5lbs 3 ozs. Trey is extremely excited to meet his baby brother. Laissa and Asher are doing great! We praise the Lord for this precious gift to our family. Kenny already has an appointment with the US Embassy for a passport for baby Asher.
The school has been doing very well. As can be expected, when sharing the gospel of Christ, confusion and chaos became an issue for us in February. Kenny had several meetings with Pastor Petty and the teachers of the school to straighten out some miscommunications. We are still working on getting it “right” for the teachers. With our American mindset and their ability to hide facts from us, things became somewhat challenging. The exchange rate has been a big issue. However, with meetings and a couple of changes, we feel we can now move forward in a better way.
Also this month, a government official who inspects schools, came to visit. He was a kind Christian man and was immensely helpful. He loved seeing the school and the children. Our school is the only one in that area. Kenny, Lussade and Pastor Petty shared with this man that we are planning to expand by building another building for the kindergarteners. Kenny hired a work crew to begin building walls of rock, mud and cement. He will put a tin roof on when it is finished. He is planning to build more tables for the 50 children in kindergarten. This will leave the church, where they are all currently schooling, for grades 1-6.
The children have received some of the learning toys from the holiday brochure. It was great to see their excitement to play with toys like this, a totally new experience for them. The teachers were happy for these learning tools as well. We are grateful for those of you who helped make this happen!
These children know nothing of what is going on in the outside world. All they know is what is going on in their world. They have personal needs, wants, dreams and desires. Our prayer is that the Father will allow us to meet some of their needs, especially the one thing they may not know they need…the need to know the Lord Jesus Christ!
We are blessed to be a part of your lives and the lives of these precious children. Thank you for your love, prayers, encouragement and support! You may never meet these children face to face on earth, but one day in Heaven, you will meet many of them. Thank you for your part in their lives and their relationship with Christ!
Because Of Christ,