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January 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
This month is OSM’s 23rd year as a ministry. We thank the Lord for His faithful care and provision for our family as we have worked many years in Haiti and Mexico. Through and with many of YOU, God has provided some amazing opportunities for our family and we are blessed and honored to be able to serve Him as we do!
Since Ken’s first mission trip, in February of 1985, we have loved working, ministering, and living in Haiti. Life there is challenging for the Haitian people and exceedingly difficult for missionaries who travel there from the US and other countries. In the past, difficulties have included traveling on bad roads, no electricity, and little or no water. Vehicles break down on a regular basis from wear and tear. We’ve dealt with roads blocked by burning tires and riots and knew about kidnappings and killings. Now, Kenny and Laissa are dealing with all of these issues every time they leave their home. Gangs are a much bigger problem. Another difficulty is the exchange rate has gone up so the cost of food, clothing and supplies have almost doubled. Through all of these difficulties we are so grateful for our prayer team and for your faithful prayers for their safety.
Kenny has been going to the school in Mirebalais weekly. We praise the Lord that the children are being fed a healthy meal each day and things are going well there. The teachers have now received the motorcycle and are using it to go from their homes in Mirebalais out to the school. One of the trips out, Kenny and a group took building supplies to the school. Some of the men have begun the second building for the 50 kindergarteners. The church, where all 120 children school in the same room, is much too crowded. We are looking forward to separating the kindergarteners into their own space to help the children have a better environment to learn in. We are grateful for your prayers and that the Lord has provided funds for this project through a family from Ocala!
In order to get a Social Security number for Trey, Kenny came to Florida in January. Unfortunately, he was not able to obtain the SS number. While he was in Florida, Laissa had an appointment with the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince. Praise the Lord, it appears she finally received a visa to come to the states. The visa stipulates that she must come here by July. Because of how far into this pregnancy they are, they feel it would be wise to have their baby in Haiti. He is due to arrive mid to late February. Once he is born, they hope to quickly get a birth certificate and passport for him. This is extremely exciting news for us that we have waited years to hear!
Please pray with us for Laissa and the baby’s birth and for Kenny to be able to get the needed papers for the baby so they can come to the states by July. Some issues he will be facing, are danger getting to and home from the government buildings in Port-au-Prince, closures for covid-19 and the usual slow pace of receiving papers in Haiti. The next few months will be remarkably busy for them, working at the school, having a baby and preparing to come to the states. We are grateful for your prayers for them!
Our family prays for you, our OSM friends and family, prayer partners and support system. We ask the Lord to encourage you and your families by pouring out His blessings over you. May you see the love, protection and goodness of our Father this year as you have never seen before.
In His Love,