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December 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
These past few months have been teaching us to move cautiously but not with a spirit of fear. Our Merciful Savior continues to go with Kenny, Laissa and their teams. This has built our faith. Your prayers and our Prayer Team has also given Kenny encouragement and added strength. Each time they are traveling, we ask the Lord Jesus for His protection, and we praise His name each time the teams have returned home safely.
The school children are doing very well this month. They did some final exams just as they ended the Christmas break. With the crazy schedules of last year, and getting started late this school year, we are hopeful that the children will be able to complete this school year in 2021.
Kenny and a helper built some small tables for the kindergarteners and he carried them out to the school. Everything the groups carry out must go into dugout canoes and over the river. The school children and some adults are usually on the other bank waiting and extremely excited to help carry whatever he brings up the mountain to the school. It is fun and encouraging to see the excitement of the children, teachers and others when the supplies arrive!
Two Haitian nurses went with another group and they did a worming clinic for all the children. They performed a simple physical on the children as well. This is a good thing to do at least once a year because even if a child is getting good food, their systems can be depleted by parasites which are common there. Now, hopefully, the food they are getting will benefit them nutritionally.
Kenny and an evangelism team just returned from a wonderful event at the church/school in Mirabalais. For us, this is the highlight of what we do. All of the groups he has taken out to the school, and all of the work getting supplies out for the children and teachers, are so that we can build a relationship with the people in that area. This is important so people will grow to trust and have an open heart when we share Jesus Christ with them. This is our main objective behind all that we do there.
The team had Bible School for children, some soccer games, and they showed the Jesus Film in the evenings. The last evening, they served a meal and the school students sang for the large group of over 200 people, who gathered to watch the film. Kenny and the team went to homes of the students and visited with the families, asking how they could pray for them. In all, 43 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. Two ladies at one home brought out the items that the local voodoo priest had them keep to ensure their safety. They burned those items and prayed with them for the protection of Jesus over their home and family. The trip went extremely well, and we praise the Lord for the work He did in the hearts and lives of those who made a profession of faith and those who heard the gospel presented. This was especially exciting to happen as we celebrate around the world the birth of our Savior.
Along with you, we are blessed beyond words by the love and goodness of our Heavenly Father. His gift of Jesus Christ is the absolute best Gift any of us can ever receive! We encourage you to share Him with your family and friends this season and throughout 2021!
Because He Lives,