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November 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow! We thank Him for His protection over Kenny & Laissa and their teams. Hearing of violence almost daily, it is always comforting to know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, goes with us into any situation we encounter. We remain incredibly grateful to our prayer team and each of you as you keep these teams in your prayers!
Flying back into Haiti from Florida, Kenny took 600 pounds of freight with him. He had 120 gift boxes, along with parts for his and Lussade’s vehicles and some personal items. Once again, we asked the Lord to help him clear customs with no problems. Later, he shared with us about the day:
“I can say, I had no idea how I was going to get through customs with so many boxes and freight. I would need help pushing heavy, full carts. While waiting for all my freight to arrive, a few men who typically help at baggage claim, asked if I needed their help. I told them I was waiting for someone who was supposed to help me, but he never showed up. My bags and boxes started to come down the conveyor belt, so I began loading my belongings onto carts. After a few minutes working to get everything loaded by myself, some men from customs came and helped me. This is unusual since this is not their job. Then they started helping by pushing the carts to customs. They put my bags and boxes through the x-ray machine. The man working the machine was looking at all my belongings on the screen. He kept saying I was going to have to pay taxes on all of them. However, the other customs agents were saying to me, no, no you won’t have to pay. Then they helped me push the carts almost all the way outside. They said just give us the money so you can go before our boss comes out. So, all I had was $50, which was not much for all I brought in and for all they did to help me- wow! To be honest, I think there were angels at work for sure because I had no idea how I was going to get through without being charged lots of money! We all thanked the Lord for His wonderful provision.” Kenny
Kenny and small Haitian teams have continued going to Mirebalais weekly, sometimes more. One trip out, they heard there were gangs causing some problems on the roads throughout Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, but they decided to go anyway. Each trip out we ask our prayer team to pray for their safety and they did. That afternoon, as they left, it rained all the way to their home. This was an answer to prayer as gangs usually will not stay on the streets when it is raining. Praise the Lord for the rain!
On the many trips to the school, some items they carried out were: the gift boxes Kenny took in that we filled at MFI and framed pictures of each school child, and a motorcycle for the teachers. Many families have no pictures of their children, so this was special. The teachers, parents and children have been extremely grateful for the many gifts. Kenny and Laissa shared that the gifts are from people in the US who love Jesus and want to share His love with them. Thank you for making this happen!
Our dear and precious Sister in Christ, Eleanor Turnbull, who we called Madam Wallace, met our Savior face to face this month. At 94 years of age, she was someone we loved and respected deeply. When Eleanor was about 24 years old, she went to visit her Mother, who was working as a nurse/missionary in Haiti. At that time, she met, fell in love with and married Pastor Wallace Turnbull, who was also a missionary. They lived in Haiti during some exceedingly difficult times, raising their family there. Most Haitians know Pastor and Madam Wallace because they have poured their lives into sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone they meet. The Turnbulls were like adopted grandparents to our children when we lived in Haiti and have always held a special place in our hearts. We know Shelby was there to meet her as she stepped into Heaven!
This month, we also had the honor and privilege to attend the National Bible Bee in San Antonio. We praise the Lord Shelby is remembered through the Bible Bee, but more importantly, the Word of God is being committed to memory and helping to direct the lives of these young men and women. Thank you to the family who is responsible for making this happen each year! It was exciting and uplifting at a time when we, and many other people needed to be reminded God is still working in the hearts of many, many young people across our nation!
We want to share part of a truly, kind letter we received last month. We were blessed by it, and thought you might enjoy reading it also:
I have been sitting here for some time after rereading the last five newsletters. They are treasures. It is almost impossible, to take in all of what God is doing through OSM in the face of spiritual opposition, material lack, illness, chaos….! How humbling and how encouraging. I look at the pictures of people carrying food or building supplies UP MOUNTAINS, ACROSS RIVERS, in the midst of violence! Just thinking of all the knowledge Kenny must have to guide construction, repair vehicles, improvise in impossible situations. Do you think it has dawned on him yet, he is a hero— with the best super power in the world—God’s love! And to be a dedicated bearer of the gospel, husband and father! And Laissa with the grace to be wife, Mom, also bringer of light and solver of problems! How wonderful that Trey (speaking of light- it just shines out of his beautiful face) will have a brother. Kathleen
We pray that each of you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your families. May we all keep our eyes on the One who came into our world to die for our sins, so that we have forgiveness through Him and the promise of eternal life with Him IF we embrace Him as our Savior.
Because of Christ,