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October 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
The school year has officially begun this month, but it happened with some challenges. After several meetings with the teachers and the families of the school children, we felt excited and ready to begin. Little did we know that day one would start with transportation problems.
Leaving their home at 5:00 a.m. on the first day of school, Kenny, Laissa and a small group were going out to help cook, serve and be there to greet the children. Along with the team, they had food supplies for the month. When they were almost to Mirebalais, the truck broke down. Kenny hired a tap-tap (Haitian version of a taxi) to take the food and the rest of the group on out to the school. He stayed back to handle getting the truck off the mountain, where it stopped. After a few frustrating hours in an area which can have gang problems, he found a truck to pull our truck off the mountain. When the truck was pulling our truck, Kenny was able to start it. Then, it ran fine all the way to an auto repair shop. By this time, school was over.
Kaloulou drove the Nissan down, and picked up Kenny and they went out to pick up the team from the school. Late that evening, which is not the best time to be on the roads in Haiti, they finally arrived home. The group was very tired after a long day. Despite problems getting there, things went very well at the school, especially for so many details to come together on the first day of school.
We are grateful for our prayer team which was praying for the group all day. The Lord protected the team, especially Kenny, while he was sitting on the side of the road with the truck. We praise the Lord for His love and care for the school children, teachers and the team who went out to serve.
In the past, OSM has helped with feeding programs at schools. Taking on the full responsibility of this school, teachers, uniforms, books, and school supplies along with the feeding program, is more work. However, we are blessed as we are feeling a deeper connection with the children and their families. We long to point the hearts of the children and their families to Jesus Christ.
We would like to purchase a motorcycle for transportation for the schoolteachers. They go back and forth from Mirebalais to the school on tap-taps, which costs most of their monthly salary. The total cost is $1,400. If you would like to help our teachers in this way, please designate your gift ‘motorcycle fund’. Thanks!
The school children are precious to our Savior, and we are also growing to love them more each month. Thank you for your prayers and support allowing us to share the gospel in Mirebalais. You and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, celebrating Jesus’ blessings over you this year!
Because of Christ,