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September 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
Whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me.
— Matthew 18:5
We are excited with the changes the Lord is bringing for the school in Mirebalais this upcoming year and we hope you will be too! Your outpouring of love for the children has been a wonderful help and blessing to many families. Thank you for the prayers and support to open this school. Last year we began with 100 children. This year, on October 1, we will have 120 children in attendance. Praise the Lord!
Kenny met with the children’s parents and the teachers several times this month, as we prepare for our new school year. Last year we had 3 teachers. Two new teachers have been hired for the upcoming year, bringing us up to 5 teachers. Since the kindergarten will have 51 children attending, we are praying about how to accommodate them. An additional building could be built beside the church or we would love to purchase the land we have been trying to secure to build on. We have lots of ideas for the addition to help make learning exciting and fun. Besides teaching academics, our primary purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Kenny is getting prices of materials and labor together now. We are planning to share details about this addition and our ideas with you next month.
At one of the school meetings 2 parent’s shared how they saw the effect of the school on their children during this year. One parent said “I thank the Lord for sending this team here to change our community and I thank all the teachers for their work. My child couldn’t read, now he can, he couldn’t write or spell his name, now he can.” The second shared, “I really appreciate how they teach our children, that was a gift from God. My child didn’t want to go to church until they went to the school. Now they wake up early to go to church because the teachers invited them. When they used to come home, they never said hi or hello to me, now they give me kisses and hugs and say “Hi Mom!”. Laissa expressed that this was the most important part of the meeting for her and Kenny and they considered these words a gift of encouragement from the Lord! They ask that you please continue to pray for them, the teachers, the children, and their families.
This was a busy month for Kenny and Laissa. They rented and moved into a home on the mountain near her family. This was possible because of your kind generosity, thank you! The move puts them in a much better location to safely get to Mirebalais. It was a difficult decision to move away from Christianville, they have been very kind and good to us. We value the many friendships we gained while there. The issue living there was the dangerous area Kenny had to drive through to get to Port-au-Prince and Mirebalais. From the home they now live in, the school is about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Though they hope one day to live closer to the school, for now, this location works best, especially for Laissa when Kenny travels without her and Trey.
They are happy to announce that Laissa is due with their second child in February! We praise the Lord for their growing family.
Debbi and I traveled to MFI in Ft. Pierce this month. We were blessed by their ministry to OSM and many other missionary organizations. They donated 125 boxes for our school children and helped us begin filling them with toiletries and small school items. In October, we plan to return and finish filling the boxes and ship them to Haiti for the school children. If you would like to be a part of this project, we are asking for $5/box to help cover freight and customs when they arrive. Thank you for your consideration to help with this ministry opportunity for these precious children.
The Lord is good and always walks with us on mountain tops and in valleys. We praise Him for His faithful love and provision, often coming through many of you! We are grateful for you and pray His many blessings over you and your families.
Because of Christ,