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August 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
We praise the Name of Jesus Christ through whom we live and move and have our being. He is faithful and has allowed us safe travels and work in Mirebalais this month. We are thankful to Him and you, who have made these blessings possible!
After much time and work, the building of the kitchen is completed. The project took longer than we had hoped, because of roadblocks getting to the worksite and even stormy weather at one point. One afternoon, a storm was due over Haiti, so they worked as long as possible that day, then left so they could get over the river and home before the bad weather arrived. Since then, Kenny gathered supplies to “stock” the kitchen, complete with a stove and propane tanks, pots and pans and utensils to make it usable. Meals for the children is a wonderful blessing for their families!
Many of you have sacrificed your time praying and money to make this project happen. We are grateful for you! It was awesome to go to the school the first day it opened up, on August 10. The children are precious as they come once again to learn not only about reading and writing, but most importantly about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Though some children didn’t show up on the first day, which is normal, slowly they are coming back. The children in Haiti are very motivated to learn as they and their parents value education immensely. Coming to school is not only exciting for these children, but they consider it a privilege. The teachers are very happy to have the children return for classes as well.
We want to thank those of you who have joined us in praying for Kenny and his teams of workers as they travel to the school. This was a busy month of prayer with all the trips, problems on the roads, bad weather and Kenny and Trey being sick. We are blessed to have many other Brothers and Sisters in the “trenches” of life in Haiti with us. It feels like we are moving forward with an Army of Believers beside us!
Kenny and Laissa celebrated their 3rd Anniversary, on August 12. That day, Kenny had the big truck hauled on a flat bed from Christianville to the Baptist Haiti Mission, which is up the mountain from Lussade’s home where they have been staying. Kenny is doing some work on the truck, with an American mechanic (Johnny) assisting him. Thankfully they were able to work at a garage on the BHM compound, which is a huge blessing!
Though Kenny was sick for a few days this month, He is doing better now. Trey became ill and stayed sick with stomach issues much longer. They took him for some tests and with the medicine the doctor prescribed, he also is now back up and going. Praise the Lord!
As of the writing of this letter, Hurricane Laura has passed over Haiti. It left lots of water and some devastation in Port-au-Prince. Kenny and Laissa are fine on the mountain and said their cisterns went from empty to full in a few short hours. The Artibonite River, beside the school, is up so much that it’s not passable but the children and their families are fine. Praise the Lord! Please keep the students and teachers in your prayers.
Thus it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish.
—Matt. 18:14—
Because of Christ,