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July 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
It is a pleasure to let you know what is going on in our ministry that the Lord has given us while on the earth. We are so grateful to you for your many prayers and love of the Haitian people.
This month a Haitian team, Lussade, Kaloulou, Paster Petit, Richecarde and I (Kenny) began the construction out in Mirbalais of the kitchen/depot for the deacan’s wife, Sister Marie. The kitchen will be used for cooking food for the school children.
There were many processes to getting the materials up the mountain; from wheelbarrows, to the dugout canoes crossing the river, to donkeys, people’s heads and shoulders, all carried by people young to old. Everyone helped with the hundreds of blocks, and bags of cement, rebar, wood, and tin. It is not common to have those types of materials across the river or that style of construction being done there. Most of the construction materials they would have would be mud and stacked rock walls with mud again overlaying it for stucco. As you can imagine this is extremely exciting for many of the people out there to see so they are willing to step up and help.
One of the nights the team and I went out to a local restaurant for supper, as we had every night, not far from the hotel where we stayed. On the way back to the hotel we found the road blocked with tree branches and people protesting because of no electricity. We were not sure what to do. I called to let my Mom know so she could have people start praying. We turned around and started to look for other hotels. After going to three or four other hotels we were not able to find rooms. The Lord answered prayers I know that were being lifted up to Him from family and friends. Then, He opened the road back up so we could go on to the original hotel. It was very late by the time the road cleared, so this was welcome news.
The following morning, we were not able to finish the project due to more problems on the streets. We decided to return home and hope to be able to get back to finish the roof before the end of this month. Arriving home, we realized that it was good that we left when we did, the roads we used became blocked after we went through. Please continue to pray for the unrest that is always ready to stop the Lord’s work. We know our God is strong and will lift the troubles from our hands in His time so we can do His work to help people in Brunette (Mirebalais).
Some good news! The government has announced the schools can reopen on August,10th. Until then our teachers will meet with the children at their homes to continue their lessons and most importantly doing Bible studies and choir practice for the church. It is a blessing to see and be a part, even in a small way, of our God’s work.
Blessings to all,
Kenny, Laissa and Trey
I (Debbi) want to share an awesome gift the Lord gave me this month. Ken and I were together one evening with my Mom, my 3 brothers and their wonderful wives. This is the first time we have all been together since my Dad passed away in March of 1989. God is good to give us families and special times together!
Thank you all for your kind love and friendship, your faithful prayers and support which makes these monthly letters possible. May Jesus Christ keep you and your families in His love and care.
Because of Christ,