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May 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
What an amazing and wonderful Savior we have! This month we have been blessed to have His protection over us and His provision so we could minister to the families of the school children in Mirebalais.
With the schools closed because of the coronavirus, we decided to take food for a month to the 74 families of the school children and the 3 teachers. When you add a difficult situation to an already extremely poor and needy family, often the children are the ones who suffer. We wanted to share the love of Christ with not only the children who attend the school, but to their whole family. We went into this project not sure about the money to do this. However, the Lord supplied the finances through your generous giving. He also gave Kenny, Laissa, Lussade and each team who went to Mirebalais safe travels. It was a huge blessing to watch each weekend as the teams took food for 10, 15 and 25 families at a time, until all families and the 3 teachers were provided for.
Kenny began with 10 families the first trip out. Some met the team at the river to help take supplies over, carrying them up a steep hill to the church. Others came to meet the team at the church. Pastor Petty never misses an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ and praying for families. Then each family came and met the team. No one prayed to receive Christ as their Savior until the 3rd trip. A precious single Mom of 3 children, Bertha Saint Louis, was ready to give her life to Christ. What an exciting time for the team to pray with her. That day, they left the church knowing they had a new Sister in Christ! This is the true purpose behind what we do, to share Jesus with these people. Many times, we do not get to see an immediate result of sharing the gospel. Yet, we know it is not what we do or say, but the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those precious ones who give their hearts to Christ.
We now have a large team of prayer partners here in the states who lifted up Kenny & Laissa and these teams who went out. We are very grateful for you! Not only did each Haitian family who received food get to experience the Lord’s provision, but while the team was going, many of you were a part by spending time before God asking His blessings over each trip. The teams arrived in Mirebalais and returned home without any problems on the roads, which was a miracle. Another miracle was the provision of a month’s food for the school children and their families. This would not have been possible had it not been for your outpouring of love, prayers and your generous donations to OSM! To God be the glory for His wonderful protection and provision!
The fathers of these children are very hard-working men and would love to have a full-time job to provide for their families. They find part time work occasionally. If someone has a building project going on, they will work hard to earn a small amount of money. The money many of us can easily earn in a few hours, would be a genuinely nice month’s income for any of these men. These are the difficulties these men face each day trying to supply the needs of their families.
Kenny is working on ideas to go out and stay for several days and hike out from the church to share the gospel and Bibles. He also sees a need to have a basic teaching on being fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ, and in Him they can be free from many superstitions which are believed even in Christian homes in Haiti. They have been brought up believing so much voodoo, that often they have no idea their thoughts are steeped in superstitions of a false religion. Kenny wants to take a generator so they can show the Jesus Film at night. Many of these people, especially the children, will never have seen any kind of film, so this can be a large event when it happens. The Jesus Film is an excellent tool to use to share the gospel with the Haitian people. Please pray for him that, if the Lord desires, these ideas can happen, hopefully soon.
Our precious, wonderful daughter, Shelby Kay, left earth to meet her Best Friend in Glory on May 31st, 15 years ago. As any of you who have lost a close loved one knows, there isn’t a day that goes by, we don’t think or talk about her. Shelby loved the Haitian and Mexican people, and she could speak both languages. She loved talking and encouraging people everywhere she went. The love of Jesus Christ flowed from her. She had an excitement for life and for sharing His love in Haiti and Mexico. We recently found old video footage where she was talking to some Haitian cooks (in Creole) in their outside kitchen and sharing how great their food was. She could sleep on a dirt floor, get up, and be ready to go early. You would never hear her complain about any of her surroundings or difficulties. Even as she walked through her darkest hours of pain and agony with her cancer, she never said “why me?” She was most concerned for others to know her Savior. Her way of sharing Him was by showing His love wherever she went. We do not know where she got her passion for Jesus, but we are so grateful to have had her in our lives for 23 years. To know she is with Jesus and one day we will be there and together with them is awesome! Her dream home was a hut near the ocean, and somehow, we cannot help but think that is her mansion in Heaven. We are so grateful the Lord has brought the National Bible Bee in her memory, as many, many young people are memorizing God’s Word and proclaiming Him in this dark world. This is our job as His followers. Our hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus' blood and righteousness!
Each month we look back and are amazed at what the Lord has done. This month it is especially true. While much of the world is somewhat locked down and we are slowly coming out of our own difficult situations, many people are in need of knowing our wonderful Savior. Thank you all so much for your faithful love and support for these precious children and their families, for Kenny & Laissa and OSM! You are in our prayers. May each of you see the mighty hand of God at work in your own lives and families!
Because of Christ,