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April 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
Though the world is turned upside down, we must keep our eyes focused on Jesus Christ. As we all know now, this crisis is not just in the United States, but everywhere! I remember Shelby sharing in her deepest pain and difficulties that she felt like Peter walking on water. When she focused on the difficulties and problems she would sink. However, when she locked eyes with Jesus and focused on Him alone, she could walk through anything! He is always worthy of our full attention!
It has been a long time since we have shared an update on the Dorcas House Ministry in Nava. It is still going strong, praise the Lord! Lety is now showing the girls what to do and they work in their own homes. She continues to talk with them and encourage them, sharing the love of Jesus as she can. They often open up to her, seeking the advice of a Christian friend. Many young girls have been encouraged and helped through this ongoing ministry. Lety has taken the role of a spiritual mentor for these young girls. Pastor Santos is still ministering to the young people from the colonias in and around Nava. He spends time with them, speaking into their lives and sharing the gospel on a regular basis. One of our sponsors has continued to provide funds for medications for a young man named Jesus. The medicine keeps him from having seizures. This gift has been provided for him for many years. He is doing well and being cared for by his loving parents, Maria and Ramiro. We are grateful for those who have helped make it possible for each of these ministries to continue!
Kenny has had his frustrations in Haiti, just as many of us are having here in the states. The president has closed the schools there and is trying to get the people to social distance. This has greatly affected the merchants. The police have limited the street vendors, making them spread out and stagger when they are allowed to sell their products. Areas which used to be filled with vendors and activity are greatly decreased. This is so sad as Haiti already has high unemployment, now those who have tried to provide for their families are being shut down. The money they earn is extremely low already, often barely enough to provide for themselves and their families. Kenny is now arranging to take food out to the church for the teachers and school children and even some of their families. He hopes that the school will be able to reopen soon. The children in that area depend on the school for nutrition!
It’s hard to believe, but the gangs and street thugs in Haiti have not been deterred by the virus problems. They have remained active and busy, stopping and stealing cars and kidnapping people. Going places remains difficult, especially in certain areas where Kenny has no other choice for routes to get from one place to another. The Carrefour area is always filled with traffic jams. Often, Kenny sits from 2-5 hours, which makes him and his family vulnerable to theft or worse. Another hot spot (Croix-des-Bouquets) he goes through is on his way to the school in Mirebalais. He can sit at a bridge for hours and not be sure for his safety. This is a great time to pray!
We are always grateful for your prayers for Kenny and Laissa. Please pray for their safety and for the Lord’s protection over Pastors Santos, Petty and Marc, the teachers, the children, and their families in Nava and Mirebalais. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for OSM also. We hope when you read these updates you are encouraged and feel a part of this work. YOU make it possible through your prayers, encouragement and support, for us to minister in Haiti and Mexico, sharing the love of Jesus with others. We are grateful for each of you!
Because of Christ,