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March 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
On Thursday, March 5, Laissa had her visa appointment. The US Embassy took her documents, then asked her for a new set of documents which are now required as of February. Since she didn’t have everything they asked for, they told her to send the missing documents as quickly as possible. They assured her that when they received them, they would call her back in, then they would send her passport for the visa. We scrambled and got everything they requested signed and to their office by Monday morning, when the office reopened. Kenny called daily to check that they had received them and asked about the next appointment. He got the usual run around and promises that the Embassy would be contacting him by e-mail very soon. Not only did they not contact him, the Embassy in Port-au-Prince is now closed through May because of the coronavirus. Please pray with us for God’s protection for them there through the island turmoil along with this new virus as well! We trust God’s purpose here and are hopeful they can come as a family to visit our family and their supporters soon.
Even with continued violence throughout Haiti, Kenny, Laissa, Kaloulou and Pastor Petit needed to deliver some supplies and check on the school in Mirebalais. The night before they left, the president announced that there were 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Haiti. They decided to go on. The trip out went fast, so they had all day to be with the teachers and the children. They delivered 5-gallon containers of powder protein shakes. This and some meals will be provided for the children for the next few months. With the coronavirus fear, schools are closing. As soon as things get back on a regular schedule, we plan to add a beans and rice meal also.
While visiting the school, Kenny and Laissa hope to meet all the families of the children. This visit they met the Cleneus family, who have 8 children attending the school. One of their daughters, Vecianne (Vay see un) had an accident which left her blind in one eye. Kenny and Laissa wanted to meet the children’s parents, so they all walked about 30 minutes to the small hut that is their home. The father Vener has no job and his wife Lorvicianne is a merchant at an outdoor market close by where she was working when the picture was taken. The woman in the picture is Lorvicianne’s sister Isemana, who also lives in the small home. They were sweet and glad for the visit. Neither of the parents are Christians but 8 of their 9 children attend the church and school. Kenny and Pastor Petty shared the gospel of Christ with them and prayed for the family. When they left, the father said he would be attending church the following Sunday with his children. We pray that they come to a saving relationship with Jesus, as well as all their children who are being taught about Christ in school.
OSM now has a large group of people who pray for Kenny and Laissa when they need prayer. They have faithfully prayed for safety for them during their trips. If you would like to partner with us in prayer for Kenny and Laissa and receive current updates, please text Debbi at 210-831-9886 and we will add you. Thank you Prayer Partners!!
With the violence and now coronavirus in Haiti, we are especially concerned for Kenny and Laissa and the people of Haiti. This is certainly a new experience for most of us. Yet, we do know that Christ is King and Lord of the heavens and the earth. To Him Who is exceedingly able to care for and keep us, to Him be glory and majesty forever!
Because of Christ,