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February 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
As is often the case, we have good and bad experiences simultaneously. Haiti is still having daily roadblocks and demonstrations with kidnappings on the rise. Now we are hearing of police shoot-outs with other police/military. All this makes it difficult for Kenny and Laissa to travel. The good news is, the school in Mirebalais (Meer u bu lay) is operating, and all is going well there. We had hoped to have the feeding program going by now. However, because of Kenny being unable to get to the school, supplies cannot be delivered. This is necessary just to get it started. Once basics: cook wear, dishes and a stove are delivered to the school, the food will be bought in Mirebalais. It will make it convenient for anyone to purchase.
We have very good news for many of you who have been praying with us. Laissa has an appointment to meet with an US immigration official on March 5th! We praise the Lord for this great news! If all goes well, her passport will be sent, and within a few weeks, she will receive it back with her visa. This has been in process 2 and 1/2 years now. Once they receive the visa, they will come to visit and hopefully meet many of you. Please be praying about whether or not you would like for them to come to your home or church to share about their lives in Haiti. They'll talk about what they are doing through OSM. (Kenny is not a preacher, so he would prefer to share in a casual way. If time permits, Kenny likes to dialogue and answering questions in a group)
Laissa will have to be here for 6 months so she can become a resident. Since they are excited to meet many of you, they will need a vehicle. Something reliable/economical, possibly a small SUV for their use. If you know of a vehicle that fits this, which could be either donated or purchased at a low cost, please let us know. We would love to hear your ideas.
Laissa must have a physical within 30 days of her immigration appointment. At her doctor’s visit, she learned that many people are on their second, third and even fourth immigration appointment. The reason is, often the day of their appointment, the office is closed because of demonstrations all around the US Embassy. This is downtown in Port-au-Prince (PAP). Each doctor visit is $460 and one person was on their 4th time paying for this. There are only 2 doctors in PAP approved by immigration for this exam. Please pray with us that the roads are clear, and the appointment happens on March 5th.
If you can help with a vehicle or would like to have Kenny and Laissa visit to share with you, please call or text us at 210-831-9886.
Some family news for those of you who know our children. Our son, Jonathan had an accident with a table saw in mid-February and lost 3 fingers on his left hand. He has been dealing with a great deal of pain. He is a carpenter so this will greatly impact his work. Please keep him in your prayers concerning the pain and healing process. We are very grateful!
The Lord Jesus Christ is the reason for our work and ministry in Haiti. It is our desire to honor His name and point others to Him, so they also have the hope for eternity with Him. His deep love and mercy for us is the most important thing we can share with anyone!
Because of Christ,