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October 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
This month has been slow for Kenny and Laissa in Haiti. The Lord is teaching them (and us) to lay all our plans before Him and wait. We want to lay our plans before Him, ask for His blessings and go. Especially, when all Kenny asks is to drive to a grocery store, hardware store or to pick up mail. This week, he went to a hardware store deciding not to pick up his mail because it would keep him out longer, he still had difficulty getting back home.
Many of you may be hearing about Haiti on the news. People in rural areas are very low on necessities; food, water and fuel. Most do not have electricity so it's nothing new. Usually, when things become so difficult in outlying areas, many churches reach out to care for those in need. This cannot be done now as roads are dangerous for everyone. For Kenny, it is difficult for him to know he could help, but not able to get to those in need without endangering his own life.
There are 2 schools in which OSM assists. One in Petionville and the other close to Carrefour who have not been able to start yet. They hope to begin soon. However, OSM’s new school in Mirebalais began on Tuesday, Oct. 15th. They have been able to have school each day because they are so far away from the roadblocks and problems happening in Mirebalais. Praise the Lord! Kenny is still trying to get there to carry out supplies and pay the teachers. Currently, he is helping a missionary friend who lives in that direction. As he is working on this job, he can keep checking to determine if he can drive on to Mirebalais. Since he is closer, he and Pastor Petty will attempt to go to the school when they know they can get there safely.
As you celebrate the Lord’s goodness and abundance in your homes this month, we hope you will take time to look through the new Holiday Brochure. Please consider whether or not it is possible for you to help with any of the projects. The school children feeding program is an ongoing need which you (OSM) have covered for many years. Shelby used to go back and forth to Haiti after we moved to Texas in 1998. She asked that OSM might help our longtime friends, Pastors Marc and Petit Noel by feeding the children who attended their Christian schools. We agreed. Though this need was never sponsored, we chose to use our general funds to make this happen. By doing this, you have assisted many needy families and provided precious children with 30,000 meals a year. It would be awesome if this need could be sponsored so we can minister to 100 more hungry children who attend the school in Mirebalais. THIS is the gospel of Christ!
Kenny hopes to come to the states to visit some of you and share the latest on Haiti. However, especially with this turmoil, he does not want to leave Laissa and Trey in Haiti. In the meantime, it would be great if his support could be provided so he doesn't have to be separated from his family to raise it. Laissa is cleared to receive her visa, which would make it so they could come to the states as a family. Please pray with us it happens soon.
Thank you so much for ALL that you have provided so we are able to continue to minister in Haiti. Your love, prayers and generosity have faithfully ministered to us, many precious children and their families for many years. We pray you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving, remembering that ‘Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights’. Together we have so much to celebrate as we truly serve an amazing Savior!
Because of Christ,