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August 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
This month brought some breakdowns with both OSM vehicles, the big truck and the Nissan. Yet, we still had encouragements which gave us reason to praise the Lord Jesus!
Kenny had a few problems with the F450 truck on his trip out to Deye Mon. The fuel gauge broke, running him out of fuel twice before he realized the problem. If you have been to Haiti, you can understand the vehicles have problems on a regular basis. The roads literally beat up a vehicle. Driving in remote areas where the roads tend to be worse, is often similar to ‘off roading’ here in the US, except it isn't off roading in Haiti, it is the road. Thankfully, Kenny was able to diagnose the problem so we could send him the necessary parts. Before the parts could even get through customs, OSM’s second vehicle, the Nissan, also broke down, leaving him on the side of the road. Thankfully Kenny was able to find the parts to make a quick repair on the F450. Parts in Haiti can be 4 times the cost of the same parts in the States. It’s a blessing to have an extra vehicle there so when one breaks down Kenny can use the other while we ship in the necessary parts. This month however, provided a few extra challenges with both vehicles breaking down. There’s never a good time for these kind of difficulties, but we’re grateful Kenny wasn’t hosting a team during this time!
As we were dealing with car problems, we received an e-mail that Laissa’s papers for a visa should now be in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Lord willing, we should receive an appointment from the US Embassy so they can interview her. This will enable her to come to the US with Kenny and Trey, who already has his US passport. (They would like to come visit family and friends but will continue to live and minister in Haiti.) After putting paperwork in almost 2 years ago for this visitor’s visa, this is very exciting news. Praise the Lord! Pray with us that they will contact us soon to set an appointment.
Kenny has made several trips to Mirebalais. He and Pastor Petty have stayed busy working on the church flooring and signing children up for the new school year. During one trip he was able to deliver material so they could begin sewing uniforms for school. Time is short to prepare for school to start, which made the car breaking down very inconvenient. We would like to purchase a pump sewing machine. Along with providing a job for someone, it will help with the school uniforms being completed more quickly.
This month took Ken and I back to Florida. We went there to build a pattern or jig of the school bench/church pew to send to Kenny. Ken’s childhood friend Vernon Stevenson, is an excellent welder/fabricator, and he was willing to help OSM with this project. Vernon did a great job and we were very happy with the end result. Sending the pattern and designs to Kenny, he and Ken can hire a welder and they can make the exact same product over and over. Also, if other church/schools want to use this pattern, a welder could potentially have a job doing this. We would love to be able to put someone in business there building and selling this type of bench/pew.
Please join us in helping with this school for these sweet families in Mirebalais. Most of the families in this area are too poor to send their children to schools. We will begin with 100 children (sadly, we do not have room for all who want to attend). We are hoping to build 10-15 benches which will cost $200 each. Other expenses that will need to be covered are backpacks with school supplies, we are estimating these to cost around $30 each. Lastly we are praying for God to provide for a pump sewing machine to help with the school uniforms. The sewing machine and start up supplies will cost around $250. Please pray with us about joining us in starting this new school and showing these families God’s love by helping them with these practical needs!
Each month is ending before we know it. Staying busy doing work for the Lord is great, but the greatest thing we can do is share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Helping to get this school up and going is great, but children coming to a saved relationship with Christ is most important. Please pray with us that we are showing the love of Jesus through the things that we do. May Christ increase in our lives as we decrease.
Because of Christ,