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July 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
Kenny went to Mirebalais with Pastor Petty and gave away Bibles and Manna Packs at the church. They met with the elders and their families, and visited with them in their homes close by the church. Eventually, we hope to purchase a piece of property in that area. OSM is interested in building a church, school and other buildings which will enhance the ministry of the church. They spent time talking about various ideas to happen in the future. They are encouraged that OSM would want to come along beside them and help their church in ministry to the community.
After talking with the leaders and some landowners in the area of the church, Kenny met with Pastor Petty and Lussade and discussed how we should move forward with some of the ideas they all had. They told Kenny about a document that would make it possible for OSM to purchase property and have it in our name. Ken likes to research all of the details before moving forward too quickly with anything, and in Haiti, that is a very good thing. Purchasing property there is very difficult for outsiders (non-Haitians). Above all, we want to know the Lord is fully in this and leads us in His direction.
With Kenny talking with Pastor Petty and seeing another possible place to minister, we all felt it was time for Ken to see it. Sometimes he thinks of things to ask about that Kenny may miss and vice-versa. A few days into July, we decided to drive to Florida and Ken would fly to Haiti. I (Debbi)stayed back in Florida.
I worked at the MFI warehouse in Ft. Pierce, with Gayle Gilmore. Each day we sorted and labeled donated bags and boxes of supplies, some new and some used. She only used very nice items, and put pictures online for MFI affiliates to see and make orders. What an excellent resource for the missionaries and those they are serving in Haiti!
When he arrived in Haiti, Ken hit the ground running. He did not even get to Kenny’s home. They went directly to the church in Mirebalais to talk and let Ken see the area. He felt blessed to meet the church leaders (elders) and talk with them about the possibilities of ministry there. They discussed the church building, land and a school.
Learning that some children cannot get to school and others walk for an hour or more to attend school, the church leaders, and Ken & Kenny agreed that a school is first priority for now. They prayerfully decided that a school at the church building which is already there would be a good beginning. The church is a mud building with a tin roof, but adequate enough to begin a small school. This would be a huge step of faith as we do not have the money in hand to begin a school. We plan to start small and see how the Lord leads us. Pastor Petty is estimating that 100 children will want to attend the school, we are actually hoping that the number will be less to begin with. OSM would need to hire teachers, which will be about $150/month. Depending on the funds, we may, or may not, begin a feeding program right away.
We have always enjoyed using animals as teaching tools for children. Giving a child an animal is something Ken and Kenny have enjoyed doing for years. We are exploring ideas and ministries that may be able to help the children of this school learn more about growing vegetables, plants and trees and caring for their animals.
Because of so much unrest and difficulty in travels this year, we are later than we wanted to be in giving away animals from the Holiday Brochure. Ken and Kenny shared 12 goats with church children and families. They were very happy to receive such a wonderful gift. Thank you for those of you who made this possible!
Kenny will be working at the church to level the floor. We plan to build benches that will be used by the children as well. There is a cement mixer at a hardware store in Port-au-Prince which would help him as he works on projects around the church. If anyone would like to assist us, it would be a blessing in getting the church ready for school children and for the church itself. Some financial needs are: 1. cement mixer…$2,400 2. 10 benches for school and church…$200/each. Please pray with us for these needs to be met. If you could help, we would be very grateful.
Another need for the children will be backpacks filled with school supplies. If you and your children (your Sunday School class or church) would like to sponsor a backpack for a child, that would be a big help. The cost with shipping would be $30/backpack. The children would be so excited to have such a nice gift as they begin school! Children in Haiti are very happy to attend school as they see that as a wonderful opportunity to help better themselves. For us, the main reason to help with a school is to share the gospel, and teach Christian principles and values.
Toward the end of the month, Kenny was out at the church again and had taken more pictures. When he returned home, he began setting up to download those pictures and photos which were from Ken's visit also. His phone completely locked up and would not download, so we are short some pictures that would have been great for this newsletter. His phone is now in Florida, where we hope Apple will be able to save the pictures and get his phone back up and usable.
We are way behind times with social media. Our niece, Jennifer, has offered to assist OSM, in this area. We are excited about her ideas and her offer. Knowing things can change quickly in Haiti, we would love to have a network of praying, caring people regularly updated. Facebook and e-mail are 2 simple ways for us to share with our friends. If you would like to receive photo updates, please like us on Facebook at: Only A Servant Ministries. We would be honored if you would share our posts with your friends also so we can get the word out about Kenny & OSM and the ministry we are doing in Haiti. If you do not use Facebook and would like to receive prayer requests, please send us a short e-mail to:
Once again, another month has passed. God is amazing and He still chooses to use us. We are not worthy servants, but we are always blessed to be used by our Father. We pray that everything we do points to Jesus Christ! May His mercy cover you, and His love encourage you as we serve Him together.
Because of Christ,