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June 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
This has been a difficult month in Haiti. Kenny and his family have not been able to travel much, since the demonstrations remain active throughout the country. We have been praying that the political problems would be resolved so that life/ministry could go on, but things continue to be in turmoil. In our newsletters, we have stayed away from political comments about the governments of Haiti or Mexico. Our goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage Christian churches and missionaries in practical ways. As Christians, we need to be a light to a dark and dying world. It is a hard process to watch, as we know the need in hearts is for a Savior who can bring love, peace and well being to people. He is the answer for the problems in Haiti, just as He is the answer for anyone, anywhere.
Last month we shared that Kenny had gone to another church with Pastor Petty, in Mirebalaise (meer u bal ay). He was able to get a few pictures on his way that we would like to share with you. He is trying to return, but the road has been blocked because of the deomonstrationsl. As soon as the roads become safe to travel, he and Pastor Petty plan to return and share some Manna Packs (food boxes) and Bibles with the church.
The prices of food and fuel have gone up so much the average Haitian cannot afford to purchase necessities. About 8 months ago the exchange rate (of Haitian gourdes to US dollars) was 60:1. Today it is almost 100:1. This is a part of the reason for the political turmoil.
Last week, there was a big shoot-out near Pastor Marc’s school. Two gangs were shooting and killing one another, as well as a lot of innocent people. We have not actually been able to deliver the food and supplies to Pastor Marc’s school since his area has been so dangerous. Someone from his church comes to meet us and takes the food and supplies back to the school. Also, his school has downsized, since it has not been safe to go there only a handful of children are currently attending. This makes it more important that these children receive the 1 meal a day you provide through OSM.
Recently, Kenny and Laissa had gone to the grocery store in Petionville (they try to go twice a month). This is close to where Lussade lives, so they spent a night with them (Laissa’s family) and planned to shop and return home the next day. They shopped, but were not able to return home because of violence on the road they have to travel. It’s bad enough to sit in long traffic jams for hours to get where they are going, but it’s another matter, entirely, to become sitting ducks for gangs while sitting there. The next morning, they left Lussade’s and returned home with no problems.
A big praise report is that Lussade is doing much better. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf! We thank the Lord he is back up and going. Please join us in praying for the leaders and people of Haiti, as well as Kenny, Laissa and Trey. Also, for Laissa’s visa to go through soon.
If you would like to assist us in providing meals for children in Haiti, OSM does this monthly for Pastor Marc and Pastor Petty Noel’s schools. We would like to expand this feeding program to a third school. This has never been fully funded so your help would be deeply appreciated. It is a great ministry need, especially now with the cost of food so high and violence throughout Haiti.
We are grateful for each of you as you encourage us with your prayers and support. May many people see the love of our Father in our lives and may we point them to our wonderful Savior who is the Giver of Life! Our God reigns!
Because of Christ,