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May 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our April newsletter ended just a few days before I, Debbi, left Haiti. Leaving, my heart was torn. I was ready to go home, but for Ken and myself, Haiti is home, too. Through all of the time I had with these precious children, my Father gave me a small glimpse of His love for me!
Because the children were out of school, it made the week even more special. One day, Fabi, who cooks for Sue’s children, prepared a special meal and they celebrated the April birthdays. Two of the little girls, who had birthdays, took my hand and asked me to take their pictures. Oh, how precious! A very nice meal, some cake and knowing they were loved by all of the other children as they sang Happy Birthday, was their birthday celebration.
Saturday went by quickly. Sue and I were blessed to have had some time together. Laissa and I shared the devotion time with some of the children that evening. Sunday morning, we attended the Sunrise Service at 5:00 a.m. A couple of the children sang in the special music group. We were blessed to hear them sing. These precious memories with Kenny, Laissa and Trey, Sue and her children, are all etched in my memory.
The route to the airport provided the only opportunity for a visit with Lussade. He has been very sick with pneumonia. Sadly, it was a surprise to find he was still as weak as he was. He struggled to walk out to see me. We both cried as we hugged each other. I was so glad to have had this time to visit with my dear Brother and long-time friend. The doctors have done many tests and could find no other problems. His recovery has been slow. Please keep him and his recovery in your prayers.
Mom left on Sunday. We had a family gathering with Laissa’s family, but getting Mom safely home was priority. As I, (Kenny), was about to leave her at the airport, we learned that her plane was delayed. So, she and I went to a restaurant close by. This was a special time for both of us. Eventually, I took Mom to the airport and I went up the mountain to join Laissa and our family.
The next day, Laissa and I shopped before we returned home. Because of roads, travel and availability, shopping here is a much bigger process than in the states. We picked up a cake on the way home and had a small party for Bebej (bay bej), who turned 12. She is one of the girls who comes to sing with Laissa each week. About 10 girls came to her party.
Finally, I was ready to begin a repair project on the car. Laissa’s cousin, Kaloulou, (kal i loo), and his wife, Nata, came down and spent a few days with us. Kaloulou has been to mechanical school here, so he is a big help in many ways. The project was bigger than we originally thought. Eventually, we got it back together and it worked. Praise the Lord.
Some of the girls came to sing and a few stayed. They spent the rest of the day with Laissa to help her clean and cook. Trey ate up all of the extra attention and he was being loved by everyone. At the end of the day, we had a wonderful beef & vegetable soup. We appreciated all the help!
I have gone out to Pastor Petty Noel’s church in the mountains with him a couple of times this month. It is a long and difficult journey for vehicles. Laissa and Trey went with me the last time I went. We took a different and better road but once it ended we had to walk about an hour to get to the church. We have talked to the people in that area about purchasing property. As often happens, the cost goes up each time we visit. I was able to go to another area with Pastor Petty, north of PAP in Mirebalais, (meer u balay). The terrain is very different. It is on a plain area with a river close by. Farming and building a road, would be much easier in that area. The needs are great in both areas whether they're mountains or flat plain. The little church in Mirebalais has no pastor except Pastor Petty, but a deacon and church members came to meet me. Welcoming me is traditional church hospitality. The children in this area do not attend school because the river makes it impossible for local children to get to one. We are excited to see how the Lord leads in assisting with one of these churches. We would like to possibly assist with a better church structure. Also, a school and a place for teams so they are able to minister in the area as well. Please pray with us that OSM can find the right location to begin ministering in this way.
May 31 st is the anniversary of Shelby's going Home to our loving Father. It has been 14 years this year. The time has flown. We all miss her so very much. Haiti will always be a special place for us for many reasons. One being, her deep love for Haiti and its people. If you would like to donate in Shelby’s memory, your gift will be used to feed and care for precious children in Haiti.
We pray each of you are bonded to Jesus Christ and walking with Him as your Lord and Savior. Join us in sharing His deep love for the Haitian people through; food for 2 Christian schools, serving other ministries with the vehicles God has given us, assisting pastors out in the mountains and reaching those who live close to us. The needs are endless. Please pray to join and support us as we share Jesus Christ.
Because of Christ,