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March 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
As soon as we arrived in Haiti this month, Kenny hired workers to do some repairs and help prepare the front of the house to be painted. A welder came and built some awning covers for the downstairs windows as water leaks have been a problem. He also repaired the front doors of a small shed and everything was primed to be painted later. Sidewalks were crushed in and needed to be rebuilt, so we had that done. Kenny purchased tin to reroof the shed. We wanted to share a need for a small work team from the states to come and help with roof repairs, and painting their home. We would love to have a group with 1 or 2 carpenters and 2-3 painters to come down and enjoy a working Haitian vacation. Please contact us if you are interested in helping.
About a week and a half into our time here, Ken came down with a flu. Symptoms were similar to Kenny’s malaria episode so, through the help of Dr. Jim and his wife, Sandra, who run an amazing medical clinic close to Christianville, malaria was quickly ruled out. The flu drained his energy and stole valuable time from our trip. Kenny’s neighbor and friend, Sue and some of the children she cares for had also been sick with the flu. That, and some other medical issues, made it necessary for Sue to be admitted to a hospital to get back up on her feet. We are praying for the Lord’s complete healing for her. Because of Ken's sickness, we did not accomplish all of the projects we had hoped to complete. However, our most important objective was accomplished through finally meeting and holding our youngest Grandbaby, Trey! He is an adorable ball of energy and full of sweet smiles.
One evening, we went to visit Kenny’s former neighbors. You may remember us telling you of our meeting Clifford and his Mom, Md. Hugo. We gave Hugo some Bibles for the people who attended his church and gave Clifford a goat. We spent some time talking and she was excited to see and hold Trey. A couple of nights later, Clifford, and some of his family, brought us a sweet gift of fruit (which made a delicious juice) from one of their trees. We were grateful to have time to reconnect with these brothers and sisters in Christ!
Any afternoon, we can go by Sue's precious children to play and be hugged. We love spending time and talking with them. Some of these children have family who cannot care for them and others are true orphans. Sue shared the story with me of one of the girls who comes to sing with Laissa and has become special to us. Her mother brought her and her brother to Sue so she would take care of them. She took the younger brother but said the girl looked well cared for, so she felt the mother could keep her. The next time Sue saw the little girl, she was almost unrecognizable as she had not been fed or cared for. Now, this little girl is one who comes to Kenny and Laissa’s home on a regular basis to sing, sew, and learn to cook.
One evening a group of 12 girls and 1 young man came over to learn how to make a carrot cake and then they enjoyed eating it with us. Another evening we celebrated Juliette turning 13 years old, with cake and snacks. Since the children can’t purchase gifts, some sang a song while others danced as their gifts for her. Sharing the love of Christ, Laissa has made some very sweet friends!
Kenny took us up to the school where he has delivered materials. It was a beautiful drive. The road being so bad is the reason that Christianville had not been able to build the school. Using 4-wheel drive much of the way, we drove back in the mountains which reminds me of taking our children on drives back when we lived here. Meeting the mountain people is always sweet. We saw a man planting potatoes, and another man was planting a field close by. We stopped and talked with them about what they are planting and how pretty their fields were, which made them light up and open up in conversation. We also gave away some mission balls and Bibles. It’s exciting to hear Kenny converse back and forth, sometimes kidding with the children or pleasant conversation with adults. Meeting people in the mountains, stopping to talk, learning a small piece of their lives, is a huge blessing to Ken and me. Our heart is always to share the love of Jesus with them. They are grateful to receive a Bible, thank you for making this gift possible for us to give.
Coming to Haiti this trip was full of emotion for Ken and me (Debbi). We had just gone through the loss of Ken’s sister, Maureen, and the day we arrived, we learned another dear friend and Sister in Christ had passed away. A few days later, we learned of another Brother in Christ who had gone on numerous teams to Mexico with our family in the past, went Home to Jesus as well. Though it is sad for those of us who are left behind, we know this is a temporary separation. We are rejoicing that each of these friends are now with Jesus and we will not only see them again, but we will spend eternity with them. Praise the Lord!
Please remember to pray for us as we minister to the people in Haiti. You are always welcome to contact us about coming to work and share the gospel with us, either in Christianville or going out remote, or both. We are grateful for your continued prayers and support. May the Lord draw your hearts close to His as you reach others with us.
Because of Christ,