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December 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
What an awesome God we serve! Once again, we had a month filled with work, ministry opportunities and God being the faithful Father, Provider and Protector that He is!
Even though the front 4-wheel drive axle for the truck was damaged, Kenny was able to finish the last loads of materials for the school in the mountains of Christianville. They wrote a very kind thank you on face book for this project and for a fence that Kenny and a helper built. Though some of you may have seen these, we wanted to share one of them with you. The fence in the picture was built to separate the Christianville kindergarten children from a work area where men are welding. This will make it safer for the children when they play outside and not to burn their eyes.
The beginning of December, Mike Reed flew to Port-au-Prince to help Kenny with the repair of the truck. He took a 50” axle in his luggage and was loaded to the max with almost $1,000 worth of parts for the truck. We were praying that Mike would be able to get the parts in through customs with no problems and praise the Lord, he did. We had already shipped in parts for a dryer repair at Sue’s orphanage. He was able to complete the repair and had it back up and running in no time.
Next, there was the project of repairing the front axle on the big truck. Within a couple of days Mike and Kenny had that job finished as well. We are very grateful for Mike’s willingness to help Kenny so quickly. He needed the truck repaired and ready to roll for a medical team due to arrive just before Christmas.
After completing the projects, Mike and Kenny met with Pastor Petit Noel to discuss more details about the property near his church out in the mountains. The area is called Ti Goave (tee gwav). They had a nice visit together and were able to clear up some questions for us.
The next day, Mike flew back to Orlando and Kenny flew out with him. When Kenny goes into Haiti, the visas he receives are for 3 months. He usually overstays the visas and there has never been an issue. Recently, Haiti has been checking the details more closely. This makes it necessary for Kenny to leave on time to avoid any problems for himself or for Laissa to get a U.S. visa. Kenny and Laissa have been working on a visa for her for over a year now, and he just had to pay another $2,500. This brings his total to $5,000. The attorney says once the second set of papers are submitted, it will be another 7-9 months before Laissa will get a visa to come visit the US. Baby Trey is automatically a US citizen because of Kenny. Please pray with us Laissa’s visa will go through soon.
The beginning of December brought many children to San Antonio from all across our nation to attend the 10th Annual National Bible Bee. Some of our readers may not know that the Bible Bee began in honor of our daughter, Shelby, who went Home to be with her Savior when she was 23 years old. Shelby was a zealous follower of Jesus Christ and an integral part of OSM. She spent her life in ministry with our family. A dear friend of Shelby and our family was given the vision for the Bible Bee during her memorial service. He said the Lord gave him this plan in about 90 seconds. Believe us, there could be no better or more honoring way for Shelby’s name to be remembered than having children learn thousands of verses from God’s Word. If you have not visited the Bible Bee website, please check it out to learn how it is changing lives of contestants and their families to have a deeper walk with Jesus. These young people may be the future leaders of churches and our nation and they will have a very strong Scripture foundation in their hearts.
We pray that the things we do are done to further reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ! Ultimately, that is the goal in touching lives as we do. Thank you for helping us do that. Only what is done for Him will last. May 2019 be a year of celebrating Him each and every day!
Because of Christ,