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November 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Hallelujah, what a Savior we serve. He has blessed us in so many ways this year including good health, work, food, friends and family. But the most amazing gift of all is Jesus Christ! Because of Him, we have a future and a hope to spend eternity with our Father!
Kenny began the month assisting Mercy International by using the truck to deliver bunk beds they purchased for children in need in the Deye Mon area. The children were very happy to receive such a wonderful gift. Next, he made additional trips for deliveries of materials to the school in the mountains, which Christianville is building. The terrain is very difficult to travel, requiring 4 wheel drive up a very steep mountain road. The numerous trips resulted in damage to the front axle, which now needs to be repaired. As you receive this newsletter, Mike Reed is on his way to Haiti with the parts to help Kenny with this project.
Our dear friends, Jeff and Lynn Purkiss went to Haiti to visit some ministries they have worked with over the years. Staying with Kenny and Laissa a couple of days, Kenny helped them with transportation. The end of their trip became a little difficult to drive in Port-au-Prince because of demonstrations and protestors. They were fine and accomplished what they had hoped to do before flying home the week of Thanksgiving. Kenny said they deeply appreciated the time with Jeff and Lynn, who also enjoyed meeting and holding little Trey.
Kenny and Laissa took them to their hotel near the airport and had planned, themselves, to shop before they headed back to their home. That day, the demonstrations became more intense, so they got “stuck” on the mountain with Laissa’s family a few extra days. The delay caused them to postpone their Thanksgiving celebration until Saturday.
Just so you can understand, there is one road from Kenny’s home that goes to the airport and stores in Port-au-Prince. The demonstrators will block traffic and cause hours long traffic jams. While sitting there, you can become vulnerable to gangs who “jump on the band wagon”, preying on stopped traffic. They can turn the frustrating wait into a dangerous one.
We had a wonderful time together with family for Thanksgiving this year. We were thankful for those who came and missed those who could not be with us. Kenny and Laissa had a nice celebration, hosting 42 friends and family in their home. We all thank the Lord for the safe arrival of Trey this year.
We shared with you last month, about going remote in the mountains to a small church where Pastor Petti Noel works. We were informed that a piece of property adjoining his property is for sale. We are interested in purchasing it to help with the church and possibly a school along with other ministry needs. We will report more about this as we receive more information, for now please be in prayer with us about this idea.
Thank you for your faithful friendships, prayers and support for OSM! May the Lord bless you and your families as you celebrate His birth with family and friends. He is worthy of our honor and praise every day.
Because of Christ,