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October 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our family is praising the Lord for His wonderful gift of Kenneth George Kennedy III (Trey) born the first day of October. He was healthy, weighing 6 lbs. 2 oz. After a surprise c-section, Laissa is doing well. She, Kenny, and Trey spent the first few weeks with her family as she recuperated. They are now back home in Christianville.
Holly took the opportunity to visit Kenny and Laissa soon after Trey’s arrival. She helped take shifts with him through the night and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her newest little nephew. We are looking forward to seeing him for ourselves. Hopefully, this will be in December.
While in Haiti, Holly went with Kenny and Lussade to drive out to Ti Guave with Pastor Petti Noelle. He pastors one of the schools in which OSM provides food for. For quite some time, Petti has wanted us to visit this area where he has a piece of land with a church on it. They drove west from Grassier, then turned off the main road and drove an hour south on rough roads and through river beds into the mountains. Because of the extremely poor conditions of the roads usually only motorcycles go back to this area in the mountains. The drive was beautiful, and since it was a market day, many people were on the road riding their donkeys, taking their products to and from the market. With the drive being very slow and windows down, all along the way people would wave and call greetings to Pastor Petti. It was obvious he has won the hearts of the people in that area with love! Finally, they arrived at his beautiful little church which consisted of a tin roofed pavilion with palm branch woven walls.
As they got out of the car, people began coming up to talk to Pastor Petti and to meet Kenny, Holly and Lussade. The wife of the local pastor, who lives by the church, began preparing coffee and a tea made from herbs they grow themselves. Her whole face lit up with pleasure as she shared bread and beverages with all of the guests and church elders. Because the drive was long, it was nice for them to get out and walk the property and meet those who came to greet them. Holly had her drone with her and was able to get some good pictures of the area.
Kenny brought Bibles, which he gave to the pastor. Some of the church leaders came to meet them and Pastor Petti led them in singing and prayer. One lady walking by the church heard the singing and came in to join. She asked for prayer so Lussade talked with her and shared the love of Jesus. She gave her heart to Christ and they were happy to share a Bible with her. Though she could not read, her son was with her and he could. The time of singing and prayer was spontaneous, and the Lord was honored and glorified!
Driving back to Petionville, Holly and Kenny had plenty of time to enjoy visiting and learning more about Pastor Petti, the small church and his walk with the Lord. Our family has known Petti since about 1992. He was a teacher at one of the schools we worked with at that time. Petti was raised in a Christian home and attended seminary. He was able to purchase the small piece of land the church is located on for $500 by paying for it over 8 years. Kenny, Holly and Lussade were blessed by their time with Pastor Petti and were glad they took the trip with him. Kenny and Holly have discussed this area for some time now and are very interested in working and spending more time with the people there. Although Holly is not in Haiti as often as she would like, she and Kenny have a close relationship. She stays very involved by giving advice and discussing ministry opportunities with him. Because of this they were grateful to have this experience together.
These were just a couple of small pieces of the month, but we want you to experience a little bit of “life in Haiti” with us. We would love for any of you to come down to visit so we can take you to meet some of our wonderful friends in Christ. Traveling Haiti, meeting and visiting people, are very different there than in our country. You would be blessed deeply by the sweet hospitality and love of the Haitian people.
Thank you very much to so many of you who make this possible for us. Your love, prayers and support are greatly appreciated!
Because of Christ,