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September 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
What a wonderful Savior we serve! When we left Haiti last month, our friend, Aaron, stayed with Kenny and Laissa for another couple of weeks to help with their move and to get their home set up. Aaron experienced true life in Haiti because he didn’t go with a specific team “job” that had every minute filled with a project to be accomplished. He had time to spend with children and workers, to get to know them and understand their hearts. Kenny and Laissa took Aaron out to Judy’s ‘Harvest Home’ at the beach where Aaron met and played with some boys who live close by. They enjoy playing soccer, so they gave some of the children a few soccer balls, which are always a big hit!
After returning home to Christianville, Kenny and Aaron took a hike in the mountains. Two Haitian men went along with them, Jean Tilese and Laissa’s Uncle Shelo. They hiked from Grassier (Gray see aye) through the mountains to Laboulle where Laissa’s family lives. We asked Aaron about the hike and he said it was one of the hardest things he had ever done, but he was glad he did it. This was an experience he will not soon forget. The hike began walking through a riverbed. Then they made their way up a mountain to a narrow ridge. Next, they made their way back down the mountain and hiked in another riverbed which took them to their destination. Kenny had hiked in the second riverbed as a boy when we lived in Haiti. He was 10 years old at the time.
The people they met along the way were friendly and appreciated the men talking to and praying with them. They met a kind pastor who did not have a Creole Bible and the people in his congregation didn’t have Bibles either. They gave him a couple of Bibles so he could share with some in his church. The men were able to pray with many people. Two of them prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. Praise the Lord! Besides the beauty of the Lord’s creation they saw as they hiked, praying with someone to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts was the true “mountain top experience” of the hike!
Last month, we shared with you about an orphanage in Christianville run by a dear Sister in Christ, Sue Witt. Many of you understand that with 40 plus children comes a lot of laundry. Our ministry partner, Mike Reed, has a laundry mat in Florida. Sue does not have a working washer and we came home hoping to assist in finding a more suitable one for the orphanage. Mike wrote 2 companies that sell commercial washers. One responded almost immediately. Laundry Owners Warehouse, Ft. Lauderdale, donated 2 commercial washers. One has been refurbished and the other is for backup parts. Mike will make sure it meets his standards before shipping it through MFI. The second one will be stored for parts. We are excited to send this machine to Sue, but will need to help with the freight and customs cost. If you would like to help, the cost of freight will be approximately $525 and customs $250.
Kenny and Laissa want to share their deep appreciation for those of you who have supported them with your prayers, financial support and gifts through their amazon registry for their needs and for baby Trey, who will join them any day now! They were able to set up a little room to bring Trey home to. For now, they are staying with Laissa’s family up on the mountain to be closer to the hospital. Their home in Christianville, is a 2-3 hour drive from the hospital, depending on traffic. Please keep them in your prayers as they await the arrival of this precious gift from the Lord!
In December or January Kenny is hoping to take a longer hike in the mountains. If anyone would like to join him for an Evangelism/prayer hike, please let us know. As Aaron shared, it will be an event you will not soon forget.
Ken and I were blessed to take a quick trip to Florida to see Ken’s family. Please pray for his sister Maureen, who is having serious health problems. We were grateful for the opportunity for all of his siblings to be together to love and encourage her.
We are grateful to each of you for your prayers and support for us to be able to go and share the love of Christ with others! Yet, even more so,
Because of Christ,