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July 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the One who lifts my head.
~Psalm 3:3~
July was an exciting month for us. It began with a trip to Nava to visit Pastor Santos and to bring some of the Spanish soccer balls to him. On our way, we were in a very secluded area between Uvalde and Eagle Pass, in what we refer to as, “no man’s land”. Suddenly, at a speed of 70 mph, a rear tire blew out. We were able to get off the road and to give thanks to the Lord that we did so safely. We knew this was a dangerous area for a problem with the car. With 4 ladies and 2 girls in the car, none of us had ever changed a tire. As I, (Debbi), was getting on the phone to call AAA, 2 men turned around and came back to help us. They knew everything they needed to change the tire, and where to find the tools in the car. Within 30 minutes our tire was changed, and we were back on the road headed to Nava. We offered them money for their help, but they refused it. One of them said his daughter drives that road and he would hope that someone would help her as he had helped us. Mark’s wife, Gaby, was the driver and her mother and aunt were in the car along with us. They had seen an accident on that road the day before in which 4 people were killed because of a tire blowing out. We all thanked the Lord Jesus for His care over us.
Traveling on to Nava, we found Pastor Santos and Sister Fini at their church. They were very happy to see us as were we to see them. As always, they were busy taking care of people in need. We were excited to meet a precious family they were assisting. The family had fallen on very difficult times. We met their children first, Angel, who is deaf, and his little brother, Daniel. Of course, we had to give them a soccer ball. They were living at the church, trying to make a living milking goats (from the Ranch of Faith) and selling the milk. The father had been a truck driver spending so much time away from his family that his wife became lonely and depressed and left her children. Santos and Fini learned about the problem, and began taking care of the children. They located their parents and ministered to them. Both parents have now given their hearts to Jesus Christ and are working to save their marriage and family.
It had been a long time since we had seen our friends, Julio, his wife, Adrianna, and their sweet family. Their oldest daughter, Christi, will be attending Bible college this fall. Praise the Lord! Lety said the Dorcas House is doing well. Many girls still come each day for Bible study and to spend time working on sewing projects. It was wonderful to see her and hear her excitement about the Dorcas House.
Returning home, Ken and I traveled back to Florida to spend time with some of our friends and supporters. It was uplifting to see friends from as far back as the late 70’s and early 80’s who had gone to the church in Ocala where we found our Salvation. The Poole’s led the first Bible study we attended. Again, we thank the Lord for the many wonderful friends He has given us and His direction in our walk of life. He has taken us to places we would never have chosen to go, but are now thankful for these life experiences!
While in Ocala, Bob Van Fleet, one of our past elders and long time friend, suggested hearing updates from Kenny in our newsletters. We thought this would be a great idea, so we have their update for you.
First, we are grateful to those of you who ask about us, who pray for us and those who have sent funds to help us get set up here in Haiti. Laissa is doing well with her pregnancy and we are both excited! Along with adjusting to married life, our first anniversary is coming up fast (August 12th). We now have a baby on the way and are moving to another home.
I would like to clarify since there might be a little confusion about our move. We are only moving to Christianville and I will be helping them with some of their projects, but I will continue working independently with OSM. Just as I have assisted Mercy International with building projects and hosting teams, now I will do the same for Christianville when I have time to do so. We’re excited about this partnership and the opportunities God may bring.
This month, we were preparing for a large team, when things started getting stirred up politically. Things can get heated up quickly and then blow over quickly. People heard that fuel prices were almost doubling, and this would greatly impact their daily travels. They don’t really understand how to make changes in their political system (and I certainly don’t) so they get the attention of elected officials by slowing or stopping traffic. This affects everyone and burning tires and blocking roads is how they do this. When this happens, Laissa and I stay home to avoid problems. They were not targeting Americans, which was a blessing.
One quick story during that time, I was watching from my roof as a group was burning tires in front of our home at an intersection. A young man who is well respected in our church rode up on his bicycle, picked up a tire and threw it into the fire. He came back for a second tire and looked up to see me watching him. I was surprised and began asking him what he was doing. I asked if he could go and witness Jesus Christ to the people there now. I told him that many American teams are now not able to come to Haiti to help because the airport has been closed. He was hurting himself and the Haitian people by being involved in turmoil such as that. He agreed, and I believe he rethought what he was doing. It showed me how easily people can get caught up into things they don’t really think are good for their Christian testimony or for their country.
I am currently assisting Christianville by taking building materials and supplies out in the mountains, to a church where they are building a school. Now, there are about 350 children attending the school which meets in the church building in Ti Boucan. Once the school is built, they will be able to accept more children from that impoverished area. I am grateful to have the truck to help in this way!
The team that cancelled will be coming the end of July and I will be assisting them with their projects in Deye Mon. Please keep Laissa and me in your prayers during this time.
Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and Kenny and Laissa as we serve in Haiti and Mexico! Please also keep them in your prayers as it is getting closer to Trey’s due date. If you would like to give a gift to help them prepare for Trey we have set up an online registry for them through
It is a privilege to share Jesus Christ. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share His love with others.
Because Of Christ,