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June 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord!
~Habakkuk 2:14~
A few days before their VBS, a sweet new friend, Mary, from Blanco First Baptist Church, contacted us. She learned about OSM through a mutual friend. She shared her desire for the children of their VBS to raise money to send soccer balls to children in Haiti. Of course, we were excited about the idea. Mary said she had looked into soccer balls with the plan of salvation on them. With the 100’s of soccer balls I have given away in Haiti and Mexico, just to see a child’s face light up, I had never heard of these soccer balls.
Debbi gathered some trinkets and pictures of children from Haiti and took them to Mary and her husband David to share with the VBS children. While she was gathering those items, I was busy getting information and ordering 100 Plan of Salvation Soccer Balls. They are now in our living room in boxes ready to go to Haiti! With Mary’s inspiration and excitement behind it, the children of Blanco Baptist VBS raised the money for 100 soccer balls! Thank you to Mary & David and the children of their mission minded VBS! These will bring smiles to the children in Haiti! If any of you, or the children of your church or small group would like, you can sponsor additional soccer balls. We will order these soccer balls in groups of 100, so that you can purchase one (or more) for $10 each.
In the same line of thought, we would like your help! If some of you would like to share our newsletters with your churches, family or friends, it would be a tremendous help for us. Our goal is to find the names of new people interested in missions to Haiti or Mexico and to share our newsletters. We hope you may be able to connect us with them. Because our donation base of contributors is getting older (just like Debbi and me), some friends are retiring and not able to sponsor OSM as they could before. Sharing our newsletters with others would be a blessing to us! Please let us know if we could send you extras to share at your church or with family or friends.
This month has been full of decisions and new direction for Kenny and Laissa in Haiti. After the team from Ireland they helped back in April, we have received an offer for Kenny and Laissa to move to the Christianville compound. Since the owner of the home we are currently renting started hinting that she would be going up on rent before the 3 years we had agreed on, Kenny thought he needed to start looking into alternative living situations. A friend from Christianville thought living at the compound would be advantageous for Christianville and OSM. She suggested for repairs and maintenance, Kenny could live in a home that needed extra TLC. We have talked to the homeowner where they are currently living, and they have until the end of October to move. Kenny has begun hiring Haitians to help him paint and do other repairs.
OSM will continue as OSM, but living at Christianville will open up more opportunities for us. We will have the ability to host more teams since there will be access to a guest house. Kenny can take teams to hike and evangelize, help with paint projects, work on plumbing for a kitchen, or electrical work. In addition he can help teams organize VBS for children, or teaching seminars for pastors or families, or sponsor and deliver Bibles, goats or chickens. If you would like a “Haitian working vacation”, building projects are another option. Teams could visit and work with the children at both schools OSM assists with in feeding programs. We are excited about so many ministry opportunities for you!
We are grateful to each of you for your kind love and support for OSM. May the Lord Jesus bless you through these newsletters. Come join us in Haiti if you would like to visit!
In Christ,
We’d like to offer a special thanks to some of our grandchildren and their friends who were the art crew behind this beautiful newsletter! They enjoyed a special time hearing more about Haiti and seeing pictures before painting all of these beautiful pictures!