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May 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our wonderful and amazing Heavenly Father is the Giver of Life, spiritually and physically. He has blessed Kenny and Laissa with a baby boy due the end of September. Our family members are very excited. Since Kenny is Kenneth II, they will name their baby after him. He will be the third, so they will call him Trey. Please keep them in your prayers. They are seeing doctors in Haiti, which is probably where Trey will be born. However, he is due to arrive close to the time that Laissa’s visa may come through. Kenny’s preference was to have their babies born in the states, but this little one may have to be delivered in Haiti. This will make him no less a US citizen because of Kenny. Pray for the timing of the delivery and Laissa’s visa. Thank you.
Last month, our son, Jonathan, went to Haiti to help Kenny with vehicle maintenance. Though roads are much better today than they used to be, driving there is still very rough on vehicles. They made repairs on OSM’s Nissan, then worked on another mission vehicle. Jonathan is very good at trouble shooting and figuring out problems others cannot. They ran into a problem and looked for a certain tool for more than a day in Port-au-Prince. Finally, Jonathan went to a welding shop and made the tool he needed himself. His mechanical skills are definitely a gift from the Lord.
After the work was completed on the vehicles, we decided to look into the possibility of purchasing a welder/generator at Christianville. It had not been used in several years, so we were not sure it was a wise investment. Knowing Jonathan’s mechanical skills, we knew he could probably make an educated assessment, which he did. He and Kenny picked it up, took it to Kenny’s home and within a few minutes, Jonathan had it cranked and running. It sounded good, but it does need some tender loving care. We are working on that aspect now. Thank you, Jonathan, for all your work and help in Haiti.
Recently, it was a blessing and privilege to deliver a nice new stove to Petty Noelle’s school. The cooks were very excited, and the children were just happy to see something new delivered to their school. Thank you for making this happen for these precious children.
Debbi and I were discussing the ministry of OSM and the fact we have had to put so much money into vehicles. I would rather see it go toward Bibles and sharing the gospel. The interesting thing here is back in Feb. 1985, the Lord revealed to me He could use my mechanical skills to help make it possible for missionaries and pastors to get the gospel of Christ out. I was under a Jeep, working on general maintenance for a week, while hearing my pastor friend, Larry Neese preaching through an interpreter to Haitian pastors. It was then I realized Larry knew nothing about vehicles. It was becoming very obvious to me that I could help him as OSM helps missionaries and pastors today. Then we thought of an excellent sermon our Pastor Dave gave this past Sunday from Mark 4:30-34. All the Lord wants from us is to throw out the mustard seeds, and He will bring the increase. He will bring forth Life from our small and insignificant mustard seeds. Giving it all to Jesus is what it is all about, what an encouragement that is to us.
The end of May is always an emotional time for us. Many of you walked with us through the pain of Shelby’s cancer and her going Home on May 31, 2005. Just recently, we were talking about her not being here with us, and not being able to see the children she would have been such a wonderful Mommy to. We realize now, just how much her life has impacted so many children who are a part of the National Bible Bee. Over and over we get to hear that her life is an encouragement to these young people, especially the teenagers who can verbalize their thoughts and feelings. Now, when we see the Bible Bee Nationals each year, we will look at those precious ones and thank the Lord that Shelby’s love of Jesus has sparked their lives in a positive way for Christ!
Because of Christ,