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April 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
“What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs He bears,
what a privilege to carry, everything to Him in prayer!”

Many people must have been praying for Jefferson, the young man we shared about in last month’s newsletter. He is out of the hospital and doing well. We praise the Lord for sparing Jefferson’s life and for His hands of healing over him. Kenny was able to talk to him and he is still very sore and has pain throughout his body, headaches, muscle and wrist aches. However, he now professes Jesus Christ as Lord and gives Him honor in giving him a second chance with his life. We are grateful for those of you who prayed for Jefferson, God has answered in a mighty way!
Another miracle we want to report. While in Deye Mon this past month, we purchased food and delivered it to Isaac and his grandmother. Someone saw Isaac’s picture in our newsletter and asked us to check on his health. It appeared he was malnourished. Kenny went back to his home and found him. He discovered Isaac was not receiving proper nourishment. Since then, each time Kenny returns to Deye Mon, he goes by and checks on Isaac, who is being raised by his grandmother. Thanks to you, we were blessed to purchase a larger supply of food for him and his very sweet and grateful grandmother. You can see by the pictures, he is in much better health today.
For quite some time now, we have been hoping to spend more time in Haiti with Kenny. We have taken a few steps to help make it possible. Kenny flew into Florida to sign some papers which will help our banking become easier to do from wherever we are located. Debbi and I drove to Florida to meet Kenny and help him make purchases and repack. He was there a couple of days. One of the most important things we send with people flying into Haiti are parts for OSM’s vehicles, which Kenny took in also. He is very happy to now have a nice place to work on the Nissan and truck. For those of you who made this happen, we want to extend our greatest appreciation.
Back home in Haiti, Kenny has been working to finish some projects. This is the rainy season there now, so his work has been slowed some. Yet, for the Haitians, this is an answered prayer since many rely on rain for their water. Coming out of his church a few Sundays back, another missionary, D'nett, saw OSM’s big truck and asked if they could hire or rent it out. Kenny told her it wasn’t for rent, but asked what she needed. She shared that the church at Christianville was helping build a church in a remote area and needed supplies and help carrying a team there to work. Kenny told her that was why we have the truck in Haiti and OSM would be glad to help them. He was blessed to meet some people who came to build from Ireland and made many trips back and forth with this group.
During the time he was traveling out with this team, the Haitian power (EDH) did not come on enough to power up his inverter, so he and Laissa lost all the food in their fridge. When we installed the inverter, we had hoped EDH would give enough power so the inverter could keep his fridge cold and run fans at night. So, we would like to purchase solar panels to help supplement power for the inverter. Getting power, where there isn't reliable power, takes several backup systems and we are trying to get that all in place. The panels are $250 each and he needs 2-3. If you would like to help with this, it would be greatly appreciated!
When Kenny left us, we took time to visit with some of our family and friends in FL. We were blessed deeply by our time with each of you we saw and some we met along the way. While in Ocala, we stayed with Debbi’s Mom and went to church with her. We were surprised at the number of people there who we had known over the years when we lived there. Then, the man who spoke, Brother Isaac, shared about what our family in Christ means to us and the strength we gain from one another. What a blessing to hear the Word of God expressing the exact feelings we were having as we visited with a few family members and our family in Christ! We were overwhelmed by the love God has shown our family through every person we knew at that church service and those we saw along the way. Once again, here on earth, He gave us a little piece of what we have to look forward to in Heaven when we see Him face to face. We were reminded of the love He shows us through you, our family in Christ Jesus! Thank you!
May each of us feel God’s love through one another. We, His children, are His hands here on earth. Thank you to so many of you who pray for and support OSM which allows us to share His love in Haiti and Mexico. We pray these newsletters are providing a way for you to feel as if you are traveling along with us.
Because of Christ,