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March 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Know therefore that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God,
who keeps His covenant and His lovingkindness to a thousandth generation
with those who love Him and keep His commandments.

—Deuteronomy 7:9—
After our friend Richard Schutz left Haiti and the Nissan was repaired, we began focusing on preparations to return to Judy’s compound, Harvest House. We planned to travel to Twa Mangoes to give away chickens, goats, Bibles and water filters. Once we arrived, we spent 2 days gathering 40 chickens and 8 goats. Pastor Paul went out with us. From Judy’s, it takes about an hour to arrive there. The dirt road is a good road, but by the time we have driven an hour over rocks and ravines, we are ready for a break. It was exciting to share the wonderful gifts with so many of the people who attend Pastor Paul’s church.
We were grateful to have the help of our friend Mike Reed who along with his wife Jeni stayed with us for a few days. Mike and Ken worked together to install an inverter system in Kenny and Laissa’s home. They get 3-4 hours of power some days and none on others, so we will have to see how much the Haitian power will charge up the batteries for the inverter. (Since we left, they have been 3 days straight without power). If they need more power, we may add some solar panels to the “power mix” later. Thank you for your kind response to our request in the Feb. newsletter and making this purchase possible!
One day, Kenny and his sidekick, Jeantilus were loading into the car to run some errands. As they were preparing to back out of the driveway, we heard a crash and a lot of commotion at the front gate. Ken and Kenny ran to see what happened and help a young man who had crashed his motorcycle. The young man, who we now know as Jefferson, was laying unconscious and bleeding heavily from his head and mouth and convulsing. Our neighbor across the street, Madame Hugo, came out and began praying loudly and asking the Lord’s protection over the boy. It was a very grueling sight. Kenny and Jeantilus sprang into action quickly preparing the Nissan as an ambulance. Kenny backed up to his gate, blowing his horn non-stop so that he didn’t hit someone in the crowd gathered at his gate. Several men carefully placed Jefferson into the back of the car. Praise the Lord, Kenny knew about a clinic just up the road in Christianville. The clinic is run by a brother in Christ and his wife, Jim and Sandra Wilkes, who have been in Haiti for 19 years. They also attend Kenny and Laissa’s church. As soon as they arrived at the clinic, Dr. Jim and Sandra took immediate action to revive the boy since he was in such bad shape. After a few minutes and answering a few questions, Kenny left and came back to his home to find the boy’s family. He found Jefferson’s Mom and returned with her to the clinic.
Had we not moved quickly, Jefferson could have bled out right in front of us, which happens here because people are afraid to touch someone who is injured. There are several reasons for this, one is a lack of knowledge of what to do and another is that you are considered responsible for their life if you touch them. I remember when we lived here in the 90’s, I was told there was a baby in the road close to our house. I responded with shock!! Why would anyone leave a baby in the road?!! I quickly learned it was because the person who picks up the baby is then responsible for its care. Many can barely take care of themselves, much less take on the care of another person. It is difficult to understand, but life in Haiti can be challenging. Sunday, after church, we were able to go to the hospital and visit Jefferson. We met his Dad who had not heard the full story of Jefferson’s accident. Kenny asked Jefferson if he was a Christian, he responded that he was saved when he was younger, but he is not following Jesus Christ now. Kenny shared the gospel with him and told him that God had given him a second chance at life and he needs to ponder God’s plans for his life. He told Jefferson that he will be there to work on their friendship when he gets home. Please pray with us for Jefferson’s full recovery physically and that he gives his heart to Jesus Christ and sees the Lord’s love and care over his life.
As is often the case when we go to Haiti, we are returning home worn out physically and emotionally, strengthened spiritually and full of ideas for OSM. Pray that in Christ we can continue reaching out to the needs we have seen and can be an encouragement to others. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for OSM. It is only through the full body of Christ that we are able to reach out to the needs of these precious people in Haiti as well as Mexico.
Because of Christ,