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February 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous!
Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

—Joshua 1:9—
Ken and I were happy to return to Haiti this month along with our dear friend and OSM board member Richard Schutz. This was Richard’s first trip to Haiti, so we were excited to show him all that God is doing there through OSM. We were blessed to be picked up at the airport by Kenny and Laissa, whom we had not seen since their wedding last August. They have graciously hosted us during our time here.
Richard’s time in Haiti was very busy. We started by driving to Saint George and spending several nights with Judy at the Harvest House. Another friend of ours, Mike Reed was there helping Judy with some electrical issues. Some of you may remember Larry and Lois Guthrie, who along with their Sunday School class partnered with us to have a well put in that is now being used at the Harvest House to provide water for nearly 1,000 people. Harvest House is also adding a full agriculture project to raise fish and gardens in greenhouse tents. Obviously the well has been a huge blessing to that area. We’re grateful to all who were involved in this gift that is continuing to minister to many people!
Another area we visited with Richard was Twa Mangoes. Kenny and Laissa both love that area and after our visit there we understood why. Kenny and Mike Reed worked with the men there as they engineered and built a roof for the local church. One precious couple Tales and Aline who attend the church invited us to have coffee while we were there. We were honored to be shown such sweet hospitality. Aline and a few ladies immediately began busying themselves preparing pots of coffee. Tales showed us around their little shanty and farm pointing out different herbs that he grows. When we returned to the open fire where the ladies were preparing coffee we saw there was now much more than a pot of coffee being prepared. Men were bringing chairs for us to sit down and a table with a beautiful table cloth had been set up under the shade of a tree where we could sit and watch the women as they served us. Kenny pointed out the many chickens that were roaming around that he had brought the family some time ago. One woman was pouring hot water over the fresh grown herbs to make a tea for us. We were served coffee, tea, bread with a homemade peanut butter and a big dish of eggs cooked with fresh onions and bell peppers. The meal was even more delicious as we watched the love that was put into it. The country people in Haiti are known for their hospitality and we were humbled to be the recipients that day!
When we returned to Kenny and Laissa’s home we met with their pastor to discuss distributing goats, chickens and cases of bibles that had been donated through our holiday brochures. As we were busy purchasing the supplies Pastor Fednor brought 5 precious families to the church for us to meet. Ken insisted that we would rather deliver the gifts to their homes with Pastor Fednor. The families were thrilled for us to visit them. It’s hard to describe the poverty these families face every day. Most American animals have better living conditions than what we saw. The last home we visited was the home of a woman named Amonise. Her home was made of grass woven walls that had a little mud plastered over them. Amonise was happy for us to visit, her husband is grateful to currently have work washing vehicles. Even through such difficult living conditions these sweet families had smiles on their faces that showed their gratitude for Jesus’ love. We felt humbled to meet and share gifts with each of these families from Pastor Fednor’s church.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Haiti with Richard and hope to share more about it next month as well! After Richard left Haiti we began doing more of the mundane tasks involved in keeping a ministry running here. The Nissan needed a few minor repairs and some maintenance. Projects that we can do on our own or take a few hours in the States took us several days of just gathering parts. Kenny is a very capable mechanic and we are hoping to build a small carport for him to be more efficient and have a place to do the vehicle repairs on his own in the future. Haiti roads are very rough on vehicles so even the best of them are in constant need of maintenance.
We’d like to share with you a few things God has laid on our hearts and would be grateful for you to join us in praying for His provision.

1. A slab for working on vehicles: $600
2. A roof for the work place: $700
3. An inverter and batteries to supply power for Kenny’s house: $1500
Kenny and Laissa only get a few hours of electricity a day which many times is not enough to keep their refrigerated food cold. Many times the power doesn’t come on at all. An inverter set up would allow them to keep the refrigerator running and a few fans to make sleeping in the heat more bearable.
4. A washing machine for Lussade’s family: $600
Lussade’s wife and daughters spend several days a week hand washing the family’s clothing and laying it out to dry. A washing machine would be life changing for this family who has given so much!
5. Plates, cups, spoons and a charcoal burner for Pastor Marc’s school: $150
Ken and I have enjoyed spending this month in Haiti! We have so much to praise our loving Savior Jesus Christ for! We are grateful for each of you who pray and send support through OSM so that we can serve in Haiti. May the Lord pour out His love and blessings over you, our partners in sharing Him with others.
Because of Christ,
Debbi, for the Kennedy Family