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December 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
Often, we begin our newsletters with what an exciting and wonderful month we have had. To be perfectly honest, we don’t have many “things” to share about from this month, but what we do have is exciting to us. As we look back over 2017 with you, we feel blessed and privileged to share what the Lord is doing through OSM. God has given our family a wife for Kenny (Laissa) and a new Kennedy baby boy (Landon). Jesus Christ is good to our family, He loves us more than we can ever understand and because of Him, His birth, death and resurrection we have a bridge to our Father. He has given us so much to be excited about!
Finally, we can share that the big truck, the F-450 has arrived in Haiti. The miracle is how fast Kenny was able to get it out of customs. The truck arrived, and within a week, Kenny had it in his possession. To us, this is a huge praise report and we give God all the credit! The truck has a little damage, which happened in the customs yard, but it is repairable and in the scheme of things not a big deal. For OSM, our end goal is to lift up and share Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. The truck is just a tool to help enhance the ministry, helping us to go more places and reach more people. We are very happy to share that the truck is now there and ready to be used. It is even Haitian tagged and ready to roll. Praise the Lord!
Many of you know the truck was filled with household items for Kenny and Laissa as they set up their home. Getting so many personal tools to help them, was a wonderful gift, They were happy and thanking the Lord as they put their appliances into their home. Among other things were a refrigerator, washer and dryer, generator, stove/oven and many tools for work. Kenny and Richard Schutz spent hours carefully packing the bed of the truck so they could get as much as possible sent down. This too is a miracle for so many things to get right into Kenny’s hands without a long wait in customs.
We are very grateful for your outpouring of love through your gifts from the holiday brochure. Kenny has begun giving away Bibles, goats and chickens. Also, he will be delivering a cistern to Pastor Petty Noel’s school soon. We are also excited to begin giving away some water filters. Any time throughout the year, you would like to sponsor the children’s feeding program or send a gift of goats or chickens, we are happy to deliver your gifts to needy families. Thank you for your kind love and gifts of encouragement to these families. We hope by sharing these pictures you too can see how happy your gifts make these children!
Our holidays have been blessed as we were able to get together with family. The year has been full of special times and the Lord drawing us closer to Him. We are grateful for the Lord’s protection and care of our family during difficult times. We trust that you too were strengthened and encouraged by Jesus Christ this past year. Our hearts are open to His leading and directing us in the coming year. May He continue in 2018 to reach others through you and OSM!
Because of Christ,