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November 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
November is always a busy and exciting month for our family. We had 2 major events, the National Bible Bee and Thanksgiving. Each year during November, we reflect on the faithfulness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has given us a wonderful family, and we are blessed to be together with many of them at Thanksgiving. The Bible Bee gives us a very special way to remember Shelby each year and to share her memory with many young people across our country. We pray by sharing what God is doing in our lives, you will see God’s goodness and praise His holy and wonderful name!
The National Bible Bee is sponsored by the Shelby Kennedy Foundation. This year was the ninth annual BB and the third year to be held in San Antonio. As always, it was a wonderful event. For us, hearing our family’s dear friend who was given the vision for the NBB at Shelby’s memorial service share his emotional testimony of the events in his life that God used to bring this all about was very moving. Among the small group he shared with, there was not a dry eye when he finished. Shelby would be so happy knowing her life legacy is directing young people to God’s Word and a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. If you are ever discouraged about where our country and this world are headed, come to a Bible Bee next year or watch it on the National Bible Bee website, and you will have hope and be encouraged about what our loving God is doing. He is setting up young minds and hearts filled with the Word of God. Many get excited and begin memorizing because of the prize they may receive, but they all come to realize the true prize is the Word and how it impacts their lives. We hear testimony after testimony of how studying and memorizing the Word has changed hearts and lives!
Last month we included pictures of Pastor Petty Noel’s school and their needs. Among them, was a dear lady who serves as their cook. Kenny and Laissa went with Pastor Petty to her home to get to know her better. Her name is Sister (Se) Micheline. Petty led her to Christ years ago, and her husband is a Christian also. Micheline lives in a decent home and has 7 children, with the last 2 girls still at home. Though Kenny went to her home to learn more about Micheline, the Lord gave him and Petty the opportunity to share with one of her daughters who has not embraced Christ as her Lord. Sadly, she is not ready to give her heart to Jesus, but seeds were planted and Kenny felt that was the real purpose behind God’s prompting him to go. Pray with us that Micheline’s daughter will come to Christ.
This month they were able to take Woodsaiedmie and her Mom, Frasline, back to be checked out by Dr. Alexie, who operated on her in January. She is doing well. While back at home in Cayes, Frasline has been taking Woodsaiedmie to a clinic for therapy. This visit, Dr. Alexie showed Frasline what she needs to be doing daily. She will need to work faithfully in order for Woodsaiedmie to walk properly. This process is uncomfortable and can be painful for the baby, so we understand why Frasline may not want to do this therapy. Please continue praying God’s healing for this precious little girl and that Frasline will faithfully work with her feet and ankles so they grow stronger in the correct way.
Our friend, Mike Reed and his wife, Jenny, went to Cayes to help Judy Foster with some projects. Kenny and Laissa joined them for some of the time they were there. Rain made the work they hoped to accomplish challenging, but they were able to help when weather permitted. While Mike had electrical projects going, Kenny helped put screens on for a large green house. Being together with Judy is fun, her compound is a work in progress and each step brings her closer to the vision God has given her. Through the Guthrie family and their church back in May of 2015 we helped Judy get water to her compound as well as a school close by. We thank the Lord for allowing us to continue helping this wonderful ministry to the handicapped of Haiti.
May the Lord pour out His love into you and your families. We are grateful for each of you and pray that this letter helps you draw closer to Christ as you help us reach the people of Haiti and Mexico. Have a blessed time together with your families as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ together! Hallelujah, what a Savior!
Because of Christ,