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October 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
We continually praise the Lord for His faithful care and provision for our family. We are happy to share with you, after much prayer, Micah, Holly, and their children were blessed to leave Puerto Rico. Though their home is fine in comparison to their neighbors’ homes, they did have some flooding and minimal damage. The biggest issues were the lack of water, power, cell phones, and fuel. They were able to use a friend’s satellite phone to call and find out the flights they had purchased before the hurricane had been cancelled. With the little gas they had remaining in their car, they were able to get to San Juan and contact a Young Life leader and friend, Stephen Mueller, who had a connection with Southwest. Stephen was able to put their names on a list for a humanitarian flight off the island. After sharing their supplies with friends and neighbors, by the time they left the island they were down to 1 water bottle and a few snacks for the children. The airport was chaos. Since there was no power at the airport, it was like an oven. Many people had been in lines for days, waiting in the heat with no water or food. Micah and Holly were only able to bring a few items with them. (Holly’s desktop computer in Puerto Rico is what usually creates our newsletters, which means of course that Debbi and I have greatly missed her help. We are grateful that Brigitta has stepped up to help!) Presently, they are not sure when they will be able to return to their home. Please be in prayer with us that they can return home soon. They have stayed as active and involved as possible with outreach and relief work in Puerto Rico. If you would like to help with some of the relief there please designate your donations for that. Through generous donors OSM has already been involved with providing relief for a family who lost their home completely and many other families who are now out of work. The devastation and need there is great, our hearts are broken for the people as we’ve heard Micah and Holly’s reports of the island. Please keep Puerto Rico in your prayers.
In January of 1998, when OSM began, we were not sure whether the Lord would make a way for our family to minister in Haiti again. Those of you who knew our daughter,Shelby, knew a part of her heart was left there when we left. Any time she returned on mission trips, she was so happy. Therefore, within a short time she was as excited as we were to begin OSM’s sponsorship of feeding programs for 2 Christian schools. Our family knew Pastor Petty Noel and Pastor Marc well and had a deep love and appreciation for these men and their ministries. Since living there, we have felt it is important to help financially struggling Haitian parents keep their children. One way to help is by providing a good meal a day for the children. Shelby knew this when she arranged for OSM to join Pastors Petty Noel and Marc by feeding their school children. These meals are provided all year long, even when school is out for summer break. Currently 135 children are being fed each day, although this number has fluctuated a little over the years. We are blessed and honored the Lord has allowed us to use part of your donations each month to minister to Haitian families this way.
As you receive this newsletter, on November 6th, we will celebrate Shelby’s 36th birthday. Though she went Home to her best Friend and Savior at 23 years old, part of her legacy has been the feeding of these precious school children in Haiti for all these years. Please understand, you have also been a part of making this happen. Only because of Jesus Christ does this have meaning, and we know that Shelby’s heart was to serve Him all of her life. Hallelujah, what a Savior!
Kenny and Laissa have been able to set up their home even without all the needed items on the truck we had hoped would be there long before this. This month Kenny went to Florida to do final paperwork and arranged to get the F-450 to the shipper in Miami. Finally, it is ready to go at the ship yard. Going into this project, we had no idea it would take this long to get the truck to Haiti. God is always faithful and in November the ship will be going to Miragoane, Haiti. We are so grateful for my niece, Stephanie and her husband, David Busbin for their storage of the truck and help with Kenny and his travels in getting this mission accomplished. Please pray with us that it will arrive safely and they will get it off the ship with everything it is carrying safely.
This month has flown by for us. Change is often difficult for Debbi and me, but our lives are designed to be different every day. Fall is here, and we enjoy this special season each year. We pray you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving. While we become busy with upcoming holidays and events, we pray our focus remains on the One who is the Giver of Life, our Lord Jesus Christ!
Because of Him,