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September 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
Last month we shared Kenny and Laissa’s wedding with you. It was a blessing to be there and exciting to have family in Haiti with us. When we returned home, we knew we had a lot of work waiting for us. Though we thought possibly things would slow down a little, as is often the case, this was not the Lord’s plans for us. Texas began preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Harvey. For a while it was forecast to come to San Antonio, so we prepared and waited. Then, we sadly watched as Harvey dumped tons and tons of water and devastation on the people of Houston and surrounding areas. We were blessed Hurricane Harvey did not make it to San Antonio.
Shortly after Harvey, we started watching Hurricane Irma as it was forecast to hit Puerto Rico, Haiti and Florida. With Holly’s family in PR, Kenny and Laissa in Haiti, and many family members and friends in Florida, we were watching and praying for those who would be affected by this huge hurricane. Holly and Micah’s area was not harmed. Though some of Haiti received flooding, Kenny and Laissa hardly got any rain. Our family and friends in Florida were safe. Many of them were without electricity for longer than they wanted to be, but all in all, we had much to be grateful for!
Holly and her children helped fill containers and boats that took bottled water and other relief items to nearby islands. It was a great time of people reaching out to those who were in need, just as we saw people reaching out to Houston.
While the people in Holly’s community were packing supplies to ship to others, they began to hear about Hurricane Maria. We, again, watched and prayed as it approached Puerto Rico. The eye of Hurricane Maria went directly over Micah and Holly’s home. That night they moved to their hallway and slept there because of all the noise. Praise the Lord, their home came through it well. They did not have any significant damage. However, surrounding homes did not fare as well. Violent winds broke windows, allowing the hurricane to rip apart the insides of homes. Holly described her neighborhood like a war zone and people were in shock. Almost, as soon as it ended, the looting began. Neighbors and friends created a support group for each other. Because their home had minimal damage, they were able to reach out to others who were less fortunate. By the week-end, they knew they would need to leave soon since they would run out of drinking water. As of the writing of this newsletter, they have tickets and hope to fly out of Puerto Rico next week. There are reports that it could be months before electricity will be restored to parts of the island. Please pray for Micah, Holly, and their family as well as the people of Puerto Rico.
Kenny and Laissa have been blessed by your outpouring of gifts, notes of encouragement and prayers for their marriage and ministry together. They are grateful to the Lord Jesus first and to many of you for your expressions of love and generosity in their lives. They are busy setting up their home, which is fine with or without electricity.
Brother Ronald has recently received his third set of chicks. He has learned a lot with the first 2 sets. He lost more chicks with his second group because of extreme heat. Pray this set does well for him. We are excited for the opportunity to possibly help others start this business in other parts of Haiti.
With many of you sending sewing supplies for Lety, we have been able to continue taking boxes to her on a regular basis. She and the girls in the Dorcas House (in Nava, MX) are grateful for your gifts of fabrics. They continue making clothes and crafts, while Lety shares the gospel of Christ and His love with them each day!
Can we trust our Savior during storms in our lives? Debbi and I can become very anxious and we begin looking for a way to get out of the storms we face in life. But, we've learned to trust Jesus in these times! May you trust Christ to carry you through any storm you may be walking through, or if you have an approaching storm in your life.
Because of Christ,