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July 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
July was a busy month for our family. We had problems with the F-450 just before Kenny was ready to leave with it to be shipped to Haiti. He stayed a little longer so we could diagnose the problem. Kenny worked with our dear friend, Ken Echols, for several days before finding a solution. Thank you Ken for all of your work and advice.
A couple of weeks behind schedule, we helped Kenny fill the back of the truck with appliances and other useful items to help him set up his home in Haiti. We contacted a company to purchase large commercial quality tarps to cover everything in the truck. When the seller heard why we wanted the tarps, she and her son each donated one to OSM. What a blessing!
Kenny finally got on the road and drove to our niece’s home. David and Stephanie Busbin and their precious family live in south Florida. They have a very nice barn where the truck will be stored while papers are being cleared for shipment to Haiti. Please pray with us that the truck will be shipped soon! Kenny enjoyed the time of fellowship with family before flying to Port-au-Prince.
Arriving in Haiti, Kenny had many things to do to prepare for his and Laissa’s wedding on August 12th. OSM rented a home that they will be living in, in Grassier (gray cee aye), which is near the Merci Village. The home is in need of a back fence and wiring for electricity. One of the reasons we chose this home however is its large yard that has enough room to park the truck and Nissan. Having both vehicles inside a fenced area is a big blessing.
Shortly behind Kenny’s arrival in Haiti, Holly went down to help with the details of the wedding planning. During their time together they were able to visit with Pastor Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull of the Baptist Haiti Mission. This is close to our former home in Haiti. The Turnbulls are dear friends of whom we have known since we first began going to Haiti back in the 80’s. They founded Baptist Haiti Mission and have churches and schools all throughout the country. Md. Turnbull was excited to hear about Kenny and Laissa’s upcoming marriage. She has known Kenny since he was 7 years old and worked with Laissa’s family since before she was even born. What an honor for them to spend time with this Godly Sister in Christ and missionary who will be celebrating her 93rd birthday next month!
Debbi and I are excited to be going to Haiti to celebrate Laissa and Kenny’s marriage and our 40th anniversary on the same day. Please pray for travel mercies for our family and friends who will be going for the wedding. Please also keep Kenny and Laissa in your prayers as they prepare to begin their life together. If you would like to help them with a gift in setting up their new home in Haiti they are registered on
What a privilege to serve our Heavenly Father. He loves us so much that not only does He know us by our name, but He has provided us The Way (Jesus Christ) for reconciliation to Him. We are grateful for His love through many of you who pray for and support OSM. May He draw our hearts close to His and keep you and your families in His care. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, I thank my God always making mention of you in my prayers. (Philippians 1:3-4)
In Christ,