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March 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
With plans to be married later this year, Kenny went to an immigration office and made an appointment with an immigration attorney to apply for Laissa's visa. Debbi and I know well that this can be a long process. Please join us in prayer that this will go quickly so Kenny can get the visa needed. This will enable them to travel back and forth between Haiti and the US. Also, pray God’s blessings over their engagement and plans for marriage.
We recently received several boxes of quality material and supplies for the sewing ministry in Nava. Debbi and Kenny went to deliver the boxes of fabric to the Dorcas House and check on Lety. It was exciting to see the building full of little girls learning to sew in straight lines. The youngest girl is 3 years old. She was so sweet and proud to hold up her work for us to see. Another day, the Dorcas House had older girls sewing. Lety has been able to keep them busy making crafts and cute little dresses. The day we visited they were making purses. Some days she has taken the girls to her home to bake. However, the most important reason for the sewing classes, is for Lety to share the Word of God with these precious young ladies. She told us how much it meant for her to have the opportunity to share Christ with them. She enthusiastically praised Jesus for the flow of supplies provided by you and thanked us for your gifts and prayers. We are blessed to be the go between for those of you who enjoy reading about, sharing with and praying for Lety and the Dorcas House ministry in Nava.
Pastor Santos and Sister Fini were busy with many new projects on the Ranch of Faith. It was encouraging to see all the changes that have taken place since our last visit. They now have dairy cows and calves, mommy goats and kids, and hens with chicks everywhere. Pastor Santos let about 25-30 kids out of their pens to join their mommies. When he opened the gate, it looked like a stampede as each kid ran to find their mom. They continue to build up the herds and have the children from the colonia come out to spend time helping and learning about caring for animals. Pastor shared that he eventually hopes to give older couples some animals to come out and care for so they can raise them to sell or eat. The milk from the cows and goats is sold and the money used to help build the herd. What an exciting time to see the Ranch of Faith being used in the way we have prayed it could be. Pastor Santos has been able to reach out to many children with the gospel of Jesus, through teaching the care of animals and spending time together. Now, the Lord has laid on his heart to help couples and families in the same way.
Another blessing we had while in Nava was to have some time with our son Mark, his wife Gaby and their 5 daughters, Melissa (11), Katy (9), and their 6-year-old triplets: Andrea, Amber and April. The girls really enjoyed time with Pastor Santos and Fini and seeing all the animals at the Ranch of Faith. They held many of the baby goats and wanted to take a few home. Of course that didn't happen. Pastor told them they could come back any time to spend time with the animals.
The chicken project in Haiti is also going well. Praise the Lord. Brother Ronald is currently selling his first batch of chickens. The pen will then be sterilized and remain empty for 15 days before another group of chicks are brought in. At that time the process will begin again. We have posted more pictures and short videos on our facebook page if you would like to see them. Pray with us this too, will become a successful business for him and he will be able to give jobs to others in the village. This would be a great blessing.
The Lord has blessed little Woodsaiedmie through many of you. She is now out of casts and special boots are ordered. Her doctor says her legs have healed and she is doing well. Thank you for your prayers and support so she will be able to develop and walk more normally.
Some of you may not know that Micah and Valerie are expecting our youngest grand-baby, a boy, in August. Please keep them and their baby in your prayers.
Though undeserved, our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ pours out His love and mercy over our family each day. Some of His many gifts to us are you, our family, and friends. We are so very grateful for your monthly love and support which enables us to minister in Haiti and Mexico. We hope our newsletters give you a small taste of what we are honored to do. We pray the many blessings of Christ over you and your families.
And let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,
fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith.

~Hebrews 12:1b-2a~
Because of Christ,