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February 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
As January came to a close, Kenny traveled to Twa Mangoes with Lussade. This is the area where Kenny and Mike Reed helped a team construct a new roof on a church last summer. On this trip, Kenny and Lussade gave away 14 goats and 112 chickens at the church with Pastor Paul. (OSM always works with a local Christian pastor when we minister in an area). The people who received the chickens live close together in the village and plan on helping one another by breeding the chickens and increasing their numbers. Kenny and Lussade also gave out a case of Bibles, prayed, and shared the gospel with those who received the gifts. During the prayer time, 8 people prayed to give their hearts to Jesus Christ. This was a very exciting time for them as they both love to give away Bibles and share the gospel.
Since Kenny has not been able to return to Deye Mon, Ken began considering the idea of chicken farming in Haiti. Ken’s family had a chicken farm when he was growing up, which were fond memories for him. When our children were growing up, we always had chickens, calves and other animals for food and to teach responsibility. Ken has always enjoyed the idea of helping someone start a chicken business in Haiti. He hoped to find chicks cheaper in Haiti to give away. After searching the internet, he found “Haiti Broilers” in Port-au-Prince. They sell chicks and even assist with the start up chicken business. Once he located the company, Kenny traveled to their location to talk with them.
After discussing several ways to implement the project, Ken and Kenny decided to ask Ronald if he would be interested in going into the chicken business. He is a Brother in Christ and a leader in the Merci Village. Ronald was very happy (as are we) about the idea. Deciding to start with broilers, Kenny and Ronald began building a pen the next day that would hold 200 chickens. Ronald will sell the chickens at the Market in Grassier (Gray see aye). As they were building the pen, a team from the States arrived in the village.
John Leininger brought a group to the Merci Village and Kenny helped them build beds for families in the village. They also built shelves for the guest house. When he wasn’t working with the team, he brought supplies and ran errands for the group.
A couple of days after the team left, Ronald and Kenny watched as 150 hatchlings exited the 3 boxes in which they were delivered. The chicks are doing well. Only one out of 150 have been lost so far. If you would like to see a short video of the chicks coming out of their boxes, please look at Ken-Debbi Kennedy on Facebook. We are looking forward to seeing this become a successful business and are excited about duplicating it in Deye Mon and other areas.
Little Woodsaiedmie is continuing to do well. She was taken to see her doctor who examined her legs and replaced the casts. She and her Mother are back in the Merci Village now. Kenny says she is beginning to scoot around on the floor a little. She will probably remain in casts for 3-4 months before they are removed. We praise the Lord for how well she is doing and ask that you would continue to keep her recovery in your prayers.
Kenny plans to return home the end of February. We look forward to returning to Mexico with him. We are blessed and encouraged by the things the Lord has allowed OSM to be a part of this month. Thank you for your love and prayers for OSM and our family.
Because of Christ,