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January 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
As we sent out our December newsletter Kenny and Lussade were just returning from a hike in the mountains. Kenny went with Lussade and Dinel (Dee nel) from Marbial (near Jacmel) to Kenscoff, up the mountain from Lussade’s home. They thought it would take them one long day, but were surprised to find it was a two day hike. They ran out of water and food and spent the night, hungry and thirsty, under the stars on top of a mountain. The next morning, they found a river and used “life straws” to filter drinking water. While hiking, they gave away 48 Bibles, shared the gospel, prayed with people, and led 12 people to Christ. Though the hike was hard and they were ill prepared, they were very excited about the opportunities God gave them! May these men and women who came to Christ grow in their faith and walk with Him!
After the hike, Kenny spent Christmas with Lussade and his family. We are happy to announce, he asked Lussade’s daughter, Laissa (Lysa) to be his wife. They are planning to be married in August and will continue ministering in Haiti as a couple. Please keep them in your prayers.
Kenny has continued working in Deye Mon putting roofs on homes that were damaged from the hurricane. He has to take advantage of the weather when it is not raining. One day, while working on a roof, he began hearing of problems surfacing in the area. The problems were related to political issues which does not usually concern us. By the time he finished the roof he was working on, there were demonstrators rioting on the only road out of the area. Kenny learned that the demonstrations were protesting American involvement with a politician they had elected. Although the people in the area he works all love and care for Kenny, someone who doesn’t know him only sees an American who they are currently resentful toward. Pastor Etienne, Lussade and the local people kept Kenny hidden from the protesters. The first night, a group of men beat up and shot Dore (doe way), our friend and Job’s dad, at the gate in front of the church. They then continued by breaking out all the windows of the church. This situation went on for a couple of days. After much prayer and two failed attempts to leave, they planned another way out. About 3:00 a.m., when the protesters were either drunk or gone, friends on motorcycles drove in where Kenny was hidden. With Kenny fully covered in a raincoat and hood, he, Lussade and Pastor Etienne were able to quickly drive through all of the temporarily deserted demonstrations, with cars and tires still burning in the streets. Along with our family, many of you were praying God would place angels around the motorcycles and they would not be seen. This was especially important for Kenny, since it is obvious he is American. We praised the Lord when we got the phone call they were safely at Pastor Etienne’s home in Cayes that Sunday morning. Kenny checked on Job’s dad, Dore, but he had already left the hospital and returned home. The turmoil is still going on in that area, so please continue to pray for the safety of other missionaries in the Deye Mon and Jeremy area.
Kenny has continued to give away gifts of goats, chickens, food and Bibles which are blessings to everyone who receives them. We shared last month of the need for surgery for a 4-month-old baby girl, Woodsaiedmie. Praise the Lord that need was met and her surgery has been completed. Thank you! Dr. Alexie performed the surgery at a hospital close to the Mercy Village. She is recovering at Lussade’s home with her mom. Lussade’s sister, Pascal is a nurse who is checking on her. Soon Woodsaiedmie and her mom will go back to the Mercy Village There she will continue recovering and going to follow up visits with Dr. Alexie. Praise the Lord.
Our lives are blessed and encouraged by these events. May the Lord use this newsletter to draw your hearts closer to Him, as you see how He has answered many prayers. May He bless and keep you and your families as you look to Him for guidance and direction. Thank you for your part in our family and OSM!
Because of Christ,