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December 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our family had a blessed December. Many of you have sent letters, cards and updates on your families, which we love to receive. Hearing from you is a great encouragement to us. We are grateful to read your letters and learn what the Lord is doing in your lives. Some of you have shared physical and spiritual needs within your families. For those of you who have shared your need of prayer, we have been asking for the healing hands of Jesus to be around you and your loved ones.
In the middle pages of this newsletter, we shared our pictures of 2016 in review. We praise the Lord for allowing us to serve Him in Haiti and Mexico again this year. It is a privilege to minister with some of you when you come to Haiti and with those of you who send us on your behalf.
We are grateful for those of you who have written and prayed for Kenny and Mike in Haiti. They finished several roofs and helped with other projects when it was raining. Mike has returned home to his family in Florida and Kenny is still there.
Sometimes Pastor Etienne or Lussade will arrange to have people at their church, or in an alternate area to come and meet them and Kenny. They receive a Bible, a goat, chickens and/or food packages for their families. Often Kenny will meet people as he is hiking or working at a jobsite, and it is totally at random. Either way, the adults and children are always happy and excited when they receive your gifts. Just as it is fun to watch children excitedly open packages from us, it is equally as enjoyable to watch the reactions of those who receive your expressions of love to them. While there are no strings attached, we use this time to share the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ behind your gifts. Kenny, Lussade and Pastor Etienne also pray with them for their needs, which often turns into a sweet time together.
While passing out gifts in Cayes, Kenny met a young Mommy (Frasline) and her cute baby, Woodsaiedmie (wood zyed me). The baby has a serious problem with her ankles. They are turned in so that it looks like club feet. Technically, the problem is called arthogriposis. Woodsaiedmie has received some physical therapy and now needs an operation. They have been moved to Merci Village in Grassier because the Adventist Hospital in nearby Carrefour will be doing the surgery. The cost of the operation is $2,000. We put this need on facebook and have received $550 so far for the surgery. If anyone would like to help with the balance of the cost, please designate “Woodsaiedmie’s Medical Fund”. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this operation. If we receive more than is required for the surgery, we will use it for follow up checkups and additional needs of this family.
We are grateful for your response for the people who need homes repaired in Deye Mon. We hope to raise enough money to build a home for one special family. You have seen pictures of Job, a very sweet Christian boy whose home was leveled by Hurricane Matthew. A quick story about Job and his family. A couple of years ago, we met Job and were drawn to him. We were told what a blessing he is to his classmates at school. We gave him a Bible, a goat and a few other things. Being interested in him, we visited his home, and met his younger sister. Later that night, while eating supper, we were told that Job’s parents wanted to meet us. This is often the way a family will share their needs and ask for help so we were fully prepared for a list. However, when they came to talk, their entire conversation involved thanking us for the encouragement we had given Job through the things he received, and what a blessing it was to them. When they finished, not one word was said of their own needs. Believe me, looking at their home, there were plenty. Our desire is to rebuild his family’s home. For now, his family is living under tarps. The estimated cost to rebuild is $8,000. If you would like to help with rebuilding Job’s home, please designate it.
Also, please continue to pray for safety for Kenny. As this letter is being written he is recovering from some stomach problems he got while hiking in the mountains. We hope to share his hike in our January newsletter. Also pray for safety in his travels as he works in Deye Mon. He has 6 more roofs to put on and gutters to rebuild on homes that were damaged in the hurricane.
Our year was full with problems and situations that the Lord allowed to come our way. But equally so, full of His blessings over our lives. We pray that you will see the hands of our merciful Father bringing about His plans over your life. May he draw the hearts of you and your family closer to His in 2017!
Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother,
have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.

~ Philemon 1:7 ~
Because of Christ,