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November 2016
Truly, truly, I say to you,
unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies,
it remains by itself alone, but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

~ John 12:24 ~
Dear Friends in Christ,
Each year the National Bible Bee is a blessing of encouragement for Ken and me (Debbi). We think about and miss Shelby every day of our lives. Anyone who has lost a child, understands being happy and excited one minute and in tears the next. While attending the Bible Bee, we see Shelby continuously in the smiles and excitement of the children who are participating. We know how much she would have enjoyed being there to encourage and cheer them on. However, her being in Heaven makes me think of Jesus and how He is preparing a Home for us. This, in turn, helps me remember that our time on earth is short and only what is done in Jesus’ name will last.
During the Bible Bee, we had many dear friends join us for different parts of the competition. We enjoyed sharing this amazing event with those who came. Over 300 children and their families came to San Antonio to participate. The BB has been a yearly event since 2009, so we have been able to watch some of the contestants grow up over the years. These young people are putting over 800 verses each year into their minds and hearts. If you are able to watch some of the Bee, you will see that it is much more than just quoting verses. They love these words and recognize that more importantly than a monetary reward, they have treasures in their hearts which will last them a lifetime.
The moderators of the Bible Bee would fill in waiting time with so many deep and rich truths from God’s Word. During one of the sessions, Ray Comfort shared how God looks at the overall picture of our lives and He does not let us dictate how our lives should go. Wow! I knew this, but was finally able to apply this to myself as I looked at Shelby’s life. I wish each of you who knew Shelby could go to the Bible Bee. It would give you an idea of how God is using her testimony to impact others. I am happy and rest in this thought because I know that is exactly how Shelby wanted her life to be remembered through encouraging and inspiring others in their walk with Jesus Christ.
If you have not already done so, go to (which is sponsored by the Shelby Kennedy Foundation) and watch some of this awesome event. If you ever feel discouraged, this will give you hope in Christ for the young people of today.
While we were attending the Bible Bee in San Antonio, Kenny and our friend Mike Reed were still in Haiti. They are rebuilding mostly roofs. The weather has been challenging. Since the hurricane went through, it has rained almost daily in Deye Mon. They can work in the rain using hammers. However, accessing the damage the hurricane caused, they now want to use screws to attach the tin to the roofs to help them withstand strong winds. They cannot use drills in the rain to screw the tin down, so progress has been slower than they had hoped. They have some framing finished and are ready to put tin down, but need a little dry weather so they can work. Kenny asked that you please pray for their safety while they work on slippery, wet roofs. Besides possibly sliding off a roof themselves, the wind can blow the tin or it can slip from their hands and can easily slice through objects, which could be disastrous. The weather adds to the possibility of injury on the job sites.
The continued rains are also causing problems for travel. The sides of the mountains will begin falling onto the roads, causing already narrow roads to be even more dangerous as they travel up mountains. Also, bridges and roads are washing out as streams become rivers. Those of you who have traveled there can well understand the difficulties so much water brings. They need the water, but not too much all at once.
Haiti just had their presidential election. This is a big deal because often there are many demonstrations all around the country. Just like here in the US now, the demonstrators will block traffic, sometimes damaging vehicles or worse. According to Kenny, this election has been more peaceful than usual. There have been fewer demonstrations and fires, praise the Lord. He also shared that the rain is bringing cooler temperatures. Since Deye Mon is up on a mountain, the people are not only dealing with rain, they are also facing cold weather. Each of these adds to an already miserable situation when you are living on a 24/7 camp out without enough food and provisions to make you comfortable or satisfied.
This year again, we are blessed by your response to the holiday brochure. Already, we have goats and chickens to purchase and give away. This is an excellent time to provide food for the families who are in great need. We are excited the Lord is providing money to help build and rebuild for families living under tarps and in poor conditions. If you have not already done so, please prayerfully consider helping our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are living in rainy and now cooler weather without a roof over their heads. Please pray for safety in travel and work for Kenny and Mike.
May the Lord pour out His love, protection and mercy over each of you and your families this month. May our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ be lifted up and worshipped in your homes across America, as we celebrate His birth and life. Because of Him we have hope and life. To Him be all glory and honor!
Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, Thou art very great;
Thou are clothed with splendor and majesty.
~ Psalm 104:1 ~
Because of Christ,