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October 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
Be devoted to one another in brotherly love;
give preference to one another in honor.

~ Romans 12:10 ~
October has been a busy month for OSM and our family. We were excited and blessed to welcome Valerie Kay Braymer into the Kennedy family. She and Micah had a lovely wedding in Comfort on the 15th. They said their “I do’s” just as the sun was setting on the top of a hill overlooking a river. The weather was perfect and they would not have noticed even if it had not been. Besides family and friends, Micah’s Bulverde Spring Branch EMS families were witnesses to their ceremony. Debbi and I are very happy to have a new daughter! Please pray with us that their marriage will be blessed and honoring to Jesus Christ.
As most of you know, a few days before the wedding Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. One of our readers wrote and asked how the schools, the pastors we work with and Merci Village all did through the storms. She asked that we might show a map of where each of the areas we have worked are located and the area most damaged by the hurricane. We thought maybe more of you would be interested to see, so we have included a map to better show these locations.
The eye of the hurricane went across the southern tip of Haiti, however, most of the island received harsh winds and enough rain to cause flooding. Pastor Petti-Noel’s school is in Petionville. Pastor Marc’s school is in Carrefour. The first (and larger) Merci Village is close to Grassier (gray-see-ay). None of these areas received significant damage. The area where the second Merci Village is being built and where Pastor Wilfrid lives is the Deye Mon area. Many roofs were ripped off, including Pastor Wilfrid’s home and most of the homes in the second Merci Village. Pastor Etienne is in Les Cayes, his area had significant damage also. His church lost its roof and there was a lot of damage throughout the city.
Two days after Micah and Valerie’s wedding, Kenny returned to Haiti. Pastor Etienne asked him to come as soon as possible. Kenny has now gone out to Jacmel and into Marbial with David Bustin to access the damage. They found that Marbial fared well and Jacmel received only minor damage. Kenny plans to try to get to Les Cayes soon. The roads have flooded and bridges are out, so getting out there may be difficult or impossible. Kenny just received word that the Baptist Church in Anse Rouge, where we had a medical team in January of 2013, lost its roof.
After spending time with David and talking with Pastors Etienne and Wilfrid, Kenny is hopeful to help begin rebuilding roofs and doing other repairs of homes and churches. Our friend, Mike Reed, who has worked with us in Haiti before, is raising support so that he can join Kenny. The new brochure will include ways you can help as we assist those in need. Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers. Some of you have already responded, and we are very grateful for your gifts!
You can stay informed about Kenny and OSM’s rebuilding projects through our facebook: Ken-Debbi Kennedy. As Kenny can get pictures to us, we will try to keep you updated on the ministry and projects that OSM is working on and those that we would like to help with. Also, keep Kenny in your prayers as he travels in Haiti. There have already been reports of armed robberies of vehicles carrying supplies to help in the hurricane relief work. Any time God’s people are at work to help minister, you can be sure that satan is there to wreak havoc and destroy.
We are very grateful for your notes, prayers and financial support to help Haiti. We are blessed to be your representatives for the Brothers and Sisters in Christ there. May the Lord’s blessings be over you and your families. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Because of Christ,