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September 2016
Dear Friends in Christ,
If you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
then your light will rise in darkness
and your gloom will become like midday.

~ Isaiah 58:10 ~
Each month there are several family members involved in getting the newsletters together to send out. Debbi and I (Ken) usually write the text, sharing what has taken place throughout the month. The text is then sent to my sister, Sharon, in Jacksonville, FL to be edited. We send a draft to Holly in Puerto Rico, so she can get an idea of what the letter is about and she begins work on the background graphics and editing pictures. When the text is finished being edited it is sent to Holly who then pieces it all together. She has the job of making it all come together and look nice. She sends it back to us, we look over it a few more times, then send it to our friend, David Ringer, to have it printed. Around 5 days later we receive the printed newsletter and begin packing them up to mail out. It is a very involved process each month and we are grateful to all who participate in helping keep everyone updated on what God is doing in and through OSM!
David Ringer and his wife, Lynda, have been in West Virginia for months. Recently after returning to San Antonio we were able to enjoy dinner with them. During our meal however we received an unexpected phone call from my sister Sharon. She told us she would be going in for open heart surgery the next day. Wow! We were stunned. Heart disease runs in my family, but Sharon takes excellent care of herself and is a picture of health. Having gone through a heart attack himself a year ago, David had excellent advice and understanding. We all quickly said our good byes, Debbi and I rented a car, and we were on our way to Jacksonville a few hours later. We drove straight through and arrived midafternoon the next day, just a short time before Sharon came out of surgery. We thank the Lord for the chain of events that led doctors to find that Sharon had 2 blocked arteries, which they repaired. This probably prevented a heart attack down the road. Her surgery went very well and because her heart is strong, she was looking much better each time we saw her. We left a couple of days after the surgery and the next day Sharon was moved to a rehab center while she recuperates. Please keep her in your prayers as she recovers!
Last month, while going through pictures to put in the newsletter, Holly found a picture of a baby who looked very malnourished. She called Kenny to find out if any outreach had been done for the baby and his family. Kenny wasn’t sure that anything had been done, but began investigating immediately. It was obvious by the picture the baby was in very poor health and we all felt that without immediate help the baby would likely not live. Between Pastor Etienne and Pastor Wilfrid we were able to find out the baby, Isaac, was still alive, although still doing very poorly. Isaac’s mother died soon after his birth leaving him to his grandmother who still has several young children of her own in the home. Supplies were sent immediately to help this family out and we plan to continue to assist them and see Isaac healthy again. Pastor Wilfred knows the family and is keeping us posted on their situation. We are glad Isaac was found and that he is now growing and has food that is suitable for a baby. Many times when a mother dies leaving an infant, the baby has little chance of survival as its food source then becomes things like tea from a spoon. Although to us this seems very uncaring on the family’s part, many times it is a lack of knowledge and means to provide for the infant.
We were blessed recently by a very nice donation of sewing supplies for Lety and the sewing ministry in Nava, Mexico. A few days after this we were given a wonderful sewing machine. Unfortunately, things have become a little more difficult than they used to be to get supplies over the border to Nava. We are taking a couple of boxes at a time so that we can get it over the border without having the items taken or taxed. Lety and the girls are very happy to be receiving the supplies as we send them! Lety is truly gifted in teaching and very creative. She continues to share Jesus with the young girls in the colonia each week as she teaches them sewing, crafting and even baking!
Next month our family will be celebrating the wedding of our son Micah. We are happy for him and his bride to be, our future daughter in law, Valerie Braymer. Please keep Micah, Valerie, the Braymers and our family in your prayers as we move closer to their wedding date, October 15th. We praise the Lord for His plans for their lives!
The love that continues to be expressed to OSM is a great blessing. We are grateful to the Lord for your kind letters, your prayers, gifts and support! Serving Jesus Christ is our goal each day. Though we always fall short, our desire is to lift Him up to those we meet. Our prayer is that you too use where God has you to lift up Christ to a lost world.
Because of Christ,